In Venezuela have got the same time, the large rallies of the Government and the Opposition started.

tens of thousands of people took part on Saturday morning (local time) at the two demonstrations in the capital, Caracas.

supporters of the self-proclaimed transitional President Juan Guaidó gathered at five points in the East of the city and moved to the seat of the diplomatic mission of the European Union. With the “largest protest March in the history of Venezuela and of the continent” wants to Guaidó also support the Ultimatum of several European States, including Germany and France , Nicolas Maduro: you have given the beleaguered left-nationalists to Sunday, time to call new elections for the presidency. Otherwise, you want to Guaidó as interim head of state recognise as the USA, Canada, Israel and several Latin American countries.

Also, Maduro had called on his supporters to the street. Coinciding with the March of the Opposition, the left wants to nationalist 20. Anniversary of the “Bolivarian Revolution” to celebrate, with the help of his predecessor, Hugo Chávez has brought to the potentially rich oil state on a socialist course. This rally takes place about ten kilometres from the March of the Opposition.

fear of dead

The security situation in Caracas is tense, there are fears shocks. Since the beginning of the recent unrest on the 21. January were killed in Venezuela, according to UN figures, around 40 people in connection with the protests, more than 850 were arrested.

Maduro supporters in Caracas

Although the new rallies are separated by several kilometres, but there were still fears of clashes. For Guaidó the form of niches Ölstaates demonstrations were also in other cities of the South. The 35-Year-old has already been recognised by a number of countries, including the United States, the call for a change of power. Germany and several other EU countries had asked Maduro ultimately up to the weekend elections. Otherwise, would even recognise you Guaidó as a transitional President.

Maduro, however, can rely on the support of Russia, China, Cuba, Bolivia and Nicaragua, as well as the military leaders who occupied many important Posts in the economy. An air force General said on Saturday, shortly before the start of the demonstrations, Maduro, and under the command Guaidós. “I don’t recognize the dictatorial Power of Nicolás Maduro,” said the division’s General Francisco Yánez Rodriguez in on Twitter spread the Video, like the newspaper “El Nacional” reported. The military introduced himself as the planning chief of the air force and assured that 90 percent of the armed be forces against Maduro. However, there is in Venezuela is Spanish according to media reports, about 2000 generals.

air force chief remains in the Maduro camp

The Venezuelan air force chief, General Pedro Alberto Juliac Lartiguez, described the Two-star General as a “traitor”, the stand also in connection with corruption cases. As a planning officer, he had no troops or aircraft under his command, wrote Juliac Lartiguez on Twitter. Guaidó had stated in Interviews in the past week that the Opposition will be leading behind-the-Scenes talks with senior military and government officials on a power exchange.

Guaidó is President of the controlled by the Opposition, but Maduro disempowered Parliament. He had at 23. January to the transitional head of state declared, and the President so openly challenged. Guaidó argued that Maduro’s re-election last year, failed to satisfy democratic Standards.

US Vice-President Mike Pence strengthened Guaidó demonstratively the back and called for a change of power. “The U.S. is trying to contribute to diplomatic and economic pressure for a peaceful Transition to democracy. But: All options are on the table,” warned Pence on Friday in a speech in front of exiled Venezuelans in Florida. Maduro would do well to make the determination of the United States to the test, he added. Maduro warned the United States against a second “Vietnam,” in South America.

After the expiry of an ultimatum could still recognize this weekend, including Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and Belgium Guaidó as interim President.


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