The Darts expert at the TV station Sport 1 doesn’t understand what looking for women in a professional Darts tournament.

Whether you twerk could, and so in the squat and the butt wiggle is the first question that the Moderator of the just, which was nominated for Ballon d’or-winner Ada Hegerberg.

not out of the question for the Swiss football club FC Basel, his wife team raffle-sold Loose on a lavish anniversary gala, the men’s team, the guest star is.

The outrage in these cases from the past few weeks was great. How could be such a thing today? The answer is as simple as frustrating: sexism in Sport is not a case of individual idiots. It is a structural Problem.

In our world of sports to be engaged women are always the kiss of donors or Cup bring on the inside. They serve as an accessory, such as a color on the trophy-coordinated pocket square. The sports promoted the degradation of the attachments and sends the Signal that it was okay to reduce women to their Appearance, says Ilse Hartmann-Tews, head of the Institute for sociology and gender research at the German sport University in Cologne, in an interview with the MIRROR. “This attitude dominates the Sport so far is that top athletes not be perceived in terms of their athletic performance.”

Suhl promotes sexist with female volleyball players

How far these signals can range, shows a case that aroused recently in the Volleyball world’s attention. The Bundesliga club VfB Suhl, the district of Schmalkalden-Meiningen with the lettering “ advertises” on the pants across the buttocks of the players. Sexist the was a say. A funny word game to the other. Others see it as no Problem at all. Po-advertising is a common Form of sponsorship, not only in Volleyball.

That’s right. And that is exactly the Problem. It comes to the matter of course, with the marketing of athletes to physical stimuli. “This corresponds to the script of the marketing people and managers: In the marketing of female athletes is often there: Sex sells”, says Hartmann-Tews.

And so will also be discussed in Volleyball more about the spell, instead of using the placement. “Volleyball players are aesthetic and attractive. These are properties with which you can make for the Public,” says Potsdam’s Director of sport Toni Rieger, the Berlin “daily mirror”: “This is simply a must.”

those League clubs that have responded to requests from the MIRROR to say. And they point to the fact that the game had no Problem with it. On The Contrary. Even in Black-and-White Erfurt, you will find it rather clever, with five players in short evening dresses and to advertise the Slogan, “Erfurt’s longest legs” for the games in the Riethsporthalle, instead of – Oh, let’s not.

“When you look good, get the sponsors,”

not to say it again clearly: It is not a question that sportsmen and women are painting the inside and in sweatpants and sneakers to run around. It’s devastating messages that are sent out. And the message has spread far.

“If you bring power and good looks, come the sponsors. This is, unfortunately,” said long-distance runner Sabrina Mockenhaupt of the “süddeutsche Zeitung”. “I know of a German runner who has made a Mega-development and is so well – but cannot find a supplier. Because it is perceived as boring and shy.”

There are statements such as these, the need to sit up and take notice. “In many cases, it is simply responsible, what is done there, because it makes a sexualisation of sportswomen feed”, says Hartmann-Tews. “If you put in a larger context, then the limit on the Encroachment is exceeded very quickly.” Then it comes to the abuse of power, to @ Shutterstock at the end of the coach to rapist Doctors.

Yes, the public outrage over heavy-handed moderators and stupid comments is important. And it shows that the sports world is changing. And yet it is not enough to knock off a couple of Machos, their sayings to the ears. As long as it is being discussed, which advertising on the buttocks of a woman ok, as long as it belongs to materialize for clubs, associations, organisers athletes to sex and as long as athletes believe that these views bow to, so long as we should not be surprised that such a thing can be today.

Sam Yoon has many years of experiences in journalism. He has covered such areas as information technology, science, sports and politics. Yoon can be reached at 82-2-6956-6698.