To the Person Ilse Hartmann-Tews Professor of sociology and sociology of sport at the German sport University Cologne and Director of the Institute for sociology and gender research.

MIRROR ONLINE: woman Hartmann-Tews, women and Sport, which seems to be different than men, and sports. Why is this so?

Hartmann-Tews: is a Central point of reference for the sports physical performance, physical performance, be better, be better. All of this is relative to the body, and against this Background, sports has been considered as one of the classic men’s domain. With the introduction of the modern Olympic games in 1896, women were explicitly excluded. This has changed luckily. Also, because the IOC dictates that every country sending athletes must have at least one woman in the Team. However, there is this rule only since 2012.

MIRROR ONLINE: In the Sport to be degraded women with decorative trappings, as a hostess, as a kiss on the donors. It sends the message to the world that it’s okay to reduce athletes on their Appearance?

formula 1 drivers Fernando Alonso in addition to a host trellis

Hartmann-Tews: Not only is the food -. This attitude dominated Yes indeed the Sport so far is that top athletes not be perceived from time to time in relation to your athletic performance. This corresponds to the script in the Marketing: In the marketing of female athletes is often there: Sex sells. In this case, the empirical is not at all durable.


Hartmann-Tews: , There are experiments in which subjects were shown two slightly different images of a sporting event: The one put in on the physical attractiveness of the athlete, the other highlighted the Sporting, she showed powerful and successful. The result: In the volunteers, the interest in the Sport and the performance, that is, they would be more likely to buy cards for games where the women have been in sporting action and on success rates shown prevailed. But the Thinking of marketing people to on old clichés. And the classic picture says: women and sport – this does not fit together the way immediately.

MIRROR ONLINE: Recently, the advertising of the district resulted in Schmalkalden-Meiningen, in the football Bundesliga club VfB Suhl for excitement: The lettering runs on the pants across the buttocks of the players. The athletes themselves find it okay. This may be an Argument to advertise with physical Stimuli?

Hartmann-Tews: , The players or athletes have in the first line of interest in the Sport, to be successful in your Sport, and subordinate themselves to the circumstances and conditions. Often, it is not simply responsible, what is done there, because it makes a sexualisation of sportswomen feed. If you put it in a larger context, then the limit on the Encroachment is exceeded very quickly. If women are so set as an object in the scene, then this is also a small piece of the mosaic in the topic of gender-based power relations.

MIRROR ONLINE: What you need to do the responsible?

Hartmann-Tews: clubs and associations need to look at it as a societal role models are very critical. I can place, for example, advertising with ease somewhere else. Especially in the case of the small Clubs quite a lot of space on the back is certainly free, or on the Sleeve. You do it on the buttocks, then one part attracts the eye to a sexual behavior body. But there are many social actors in the responsibility, even the media.

Katarina Witt during the DFB Cup final in 2017

MIRROR ONLINE: to what Extent?

Hartmann-Tews: Our studies show that in the daily press, marginal little about the Sport of women is reported. The proportion is ten to twelve percent. In the case of large Events on the looks already much better. However, even if women are successful, then it is reported about you, nevertheless, different. The printed photos are smaller, and the athletes are far shown less in sporting action. The sporting action itself, the Exciting in the physical movement, which represents the Olympic Credo “citius, altius, fortius – faster, higher, stronger” – this will be shown less frequent in women. The media perpetuate this view: the Sport of women is less sporty, less interesting, less relevant.

MIRROR ONLINE: Sometimes it seems as if it had given up some of the athletes to refer to their sporting achievements.

Hartmann-Tews: It is a bit tedious, compared to this culture of marginalization and part of sexualization, commercialization, and the ideas of the Manager and the Association Board, again and again say. And what this sends a Signal to the young, the leaves either therefore or also adjust.

MIRROR ONLINE: So you have to work early in the Association’s work against?

Hartmann-Tews: Yes. And that is a very, very long way. For example, in 2016, was given to the Austrian Ski-and-wife team, a development tutorial in the appearance and Makeup.

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