Kevin Spacey has been charged on allegations of sexual assault before a U.S. district court. The actor wants the for the 7. January scheduled court hearing, however, stay away from it. As the U.S. newspaper “the Boston Globe” reported, to have asked the lawyers of the former “House of Cards”Stars, to the court in Nantucket in the US state of Massachusetts to the appropriate permission.

In the indictment were accused of Spacey, an 18-Year-old in 2016, in a Bar in Nantucket, drunk, and indecent touching. The actor will judge the custody in the district of Nantucket at 7. January demonstration, and listened to allegations of indecent behaviour and assault. According to the information of employees of the General court in Massachusetts, defendants are required to appear at court hearings unless a judge waives this right.

Since the fall of 2017, have been raised in more than 30 cases of allegations of sexual Assault and harassment against Spacey open to the public. First of all, the actor Anthony Rapp (of”Star Trek: Discovery”, “Rent had specified”), as a 14-Year old in the eighties, was sexually molested. At London’s Old Vic Theatre, Spacey should have been in his time as artistic Director, according to Reports, at least 20 men molested. In England, in several cases, police investigations were underway.

See you in the Video: Kevin Spacey released a video message


The Streaming service Netflix had announced in the Wake of the revelations of the collaboration with the Oscar winner in the political series “House of Cards”. His character, Frank Underwood, died in the series and disappeared from the production. The career of the actor lies fallow since then.

Spacey has since disappeared from the Public, he turned, however, in a video message to his Fans. Via his Twitter Account, the actor distributed the Video, wherein he reports in the style of his best – known role – that of the politician, Frank Underwood from “House of Cards”. Spacey, alias Underwood not pleaded in the Video, to believe the slander.


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