He sent her at night to ambiguous text messages, danced naked in front of her and watched her in the shower with The actress, Yael Stone, known from the series “Orange Is The New Black,” reports the New York Times and the TV channel ABC in detail, such as Geoffrey, you Rush to sexually harassed.

The incidents described are supposed to have in the years 2010 and 2011 occurred as a Stone, and Rush played together in the stage production of “Diary Of A Madman” in Sydney. Stone says she was at that time an unknown young actress, Rush, Oscar-winner (for the Film “Shine”) and an international Star (“pirates of the Caribbean”, “Elizabeth”).

The whole production turned then, with a Rush, Stone, and all Involved, you included, have tried to make the work as pleasant as possible. Between you and him have developed a loose Frotzelei via SMS. With time, his text would contain messages, but more and more sexual innuendo.

Yael Stone accuses Geofrey Rush, to have limits to be exceeded. She plays the character of Lorna Morello in “Orange Is The New Black”

Among other things, Rush had on his “swelling” (English: “tumescence”). The ABC indicates that there are still others text messages of this nature. With time, Stone, Rushs escalated behavior. So he had danced naked in front of her and she watched with a mirror as she showered.

“I think that should be a joke,” said Stone in the ABC Interview. “It felt for me, but extremely unpleasant.” Later, Rush for his behavior and apologized, also to have her at an event over the back stroked. The Mail, which is ABC, closes with the words: “is Inappropriate, but I had to.”

at the Time, so Stone, have you said nothing. You also didn’t know how, you should stop the Rush: “The most Important thing was to me at the time: you are allowed to Geoffrey not to offend, because this could be a burden on the next appearance, and even your whole career”. Today, you speak in the public interest about the incidents. You hope your report will encourage young Actresses, not to keep quiet when the behavior in excess of other a line.

a year ago, there were similar allegations

Geoffrey Rush responded to the allegations, this was inaccurate and partially out of context. Sorry, he should have Stone with his “spirited enthusiasm” of the suffering inflicted.

Rush has been accused of a year ago übergriffiges behavior. The actress Eryn Jean Norvill said, Rush had touched against their will and had followed them at a Party on the toilet. Wear this with a production of “King Lear” in 2015. should have

In December 2018 sued Rush, you’ve printed the newspaper “The Daily Telegraph” for defamation, because in connection with the allegations “false, derogatory and humiliating statements”. A court ruling is expected in early 2019.


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