The former Malaysian Prime Minister, Najib Razak wanted to finish with the Chinese government appear to have a number of dubious Deals, the Beijing would have increased influence in the Region. The “Wall Street Journal” reported in a lengthy investigative story citing Insider and protocols of internal meetings.

Najib negotiator on the Chinese side offered accordingly, in 2016 the contract for the construction of Pipelines, Railways and other infrastructure projects in Malaysia, China wanted to achieve in the context of its new silk road. The investment volume amounted, according to the “Wall Street Journal” to around $ 34 billion. The projects should be planned by Chinese state-owned companies, Chinese banks financed, and Chinese workers will be implemented.

Najib is said to have offered the Chinese leadership, also, that ships of war may, in the future, calling at two Malaysian ports. An offer that would have increased the military influence of the people’s Republic in the South China sea.

the Planned routes of the new silk road

The access to the ports was ultimately granted never. Also, the infrastructure projects were never implemented. The incumbent Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad, who had replaced the now because of money laundering, the defendant’s Ex-head of government Najib in may 2018, withdrew the contract for the projects.

As the “Wall Street Journal” reported now, were Najib concessions to China for a number of reasons dubious:

the Ex-Premier should have been agreed, firstly, that Chinese companies pay much more for infrastructure projects, as their construction costs really. With the excess money, the then Malaysian government wanted to settle, apparently, a part of a 13-billion-Dollar loan from the Malaysian state Fund 1MDB, at the time, not from your own power could pay. Chinese negotiators should were offered, Najib in addition to influence US investigations against Ex-Prime Minister. Najib has been accused of at the time, up to a billion dollars from the 1MDB Fund diverted to his private account.

Najib has denied such allegations. To let the failed infrastructure projects, at the request of the “journal” inform that they have left the country with tens of thousands of new Jobs. The Chinese government took at the request of the newspaper to the operations position.

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