In Schleswig-Holstein has torn a Wolf, several sheep, and he was over fences jumped, the were wolf for sure. Therefore, the Ministry of environment of the Federal state has released the animal now to the launch. The Ministry approved an appropriate application. “This task is twice as difficult – neither beautiful nor easy,” said the environment Minister, Jan Philipp Albrecht (greens).

In the district of Pinneberg, there had been since the end of November eight of the cracks, in which animals as the wolf, is certainly applicable to fences overcame. For six of the cases, the Wolf should be with the identifier of the GW 924m responsible.

the lowdown on The Wolf in Germany, the dispute on wolves in Germany On the hit list

from Denmark to Schleswig-Holstein come dog had ripped multiple sheep outside of the wolf-safe fences. He’s since June 2018 demonstrably in the Region. According to the Ministry of 17 genetic twin of the animal evidence. References to other wolves were not known there. The Ministry expects to take actions against the firing.

Currently, about 600 wolves live in Germany. Your inventory is increasing annually by 25 to 30 percent. Wolves are strictly protected. It is, however, illegal killings.

Individual animals may only be killed if they are a danger to humans or major economic damage is to be expected by you. At the beginning of 2018 was shot in Saxony, a Wolf, two dogs killed and several land approached.

In lower Saxony, had been killed in 2016, a so-called problem of the wolf. He had hit the headlines, because he had been approached again and again, people up to a few meters and even a leashed dog bitten. Trying to scare off this Wolf, had failed.


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