“If Bolsonaro accelerated the deforestation in the rain forest, the agreement is dead,” said Bernd Lange (SPD), the Chairman of the trade Committee of the EU Parliament, of the MIRROR.

Brazil’s new head of state, Jair Bolsonaro wool to get off the environmental protection weaknesses and play with the idea, from the Paris global climate agreement. “I can’t imagine that there is, under these conditions, an agreement with Mercosur”, said Long. Even politicians from other political groups were sceptical about the EU Commission’s target and contract with the South Americans.

So the planned agreement is on the Brink. In late December, the EU had declared trade Commissioner Cecilia Malmström that she was optimistic that the ongoing negotiations with Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay and 2019. The free trade agreement with the Mercosur group would be the largest, the EU has agreed on Commission. But, it is dependent on the consent of the Parliament. And there, the resistance against Bolsonaros policy is growing.

“The EU Commission must stop the negotiations on an Association agreement with Mercosur, and with Brazil especially, immediately,” urged the Head of the European Greens, Ska Keller to the MIRROR. “You are not allowed to play a climate change denier and Dictatorship by exalting such as Bolsonaro in the hands.”

Helmut Scholz, coordinator of the left group in the European Parliament for international trade policy, said: “If Bolsonaro is driving the deforestation of the rain forest, high, or indigenous inhabitants of the Amazon is moving a constraint, then this is a No-Go for the trade agreement.” Also, an exit of Brazil from the world climate Treaty “would deprive the trade agreement, each Basis”.

Bolsonaro had declared during the election campaign, under his leadership, Brazil will get out of the climate Treaty, was later made but backed down. His foreign Minister, Ernesto Araújo calls the climate change the of Marxists invented “Dogma”. The government is planning, reserves traditional of the Indigenous in the Amazon region live in breeding for Beef, to open to agriculture and mining. The responsibility for this protection zone has Bolsonaro, now under the Aegis of the Ministry of agriculture; the Minister is a representative of the agricultural lobby.

“For the trade agreement, there shall be no departure from the climate agreement”

experts fear an expansion of the already large-scale deforestation in the Amazon region, with far-reaching consequences for the global climate. In the process, Brazil had committed itself in the Paris agreements, to stop illegal deforestation in the Amazon by 2030 and reduce CO2 emissions by 43 percent compared to 2005.

“Should take Bolsonaro is a massive deforestation in attack, that would be a violation of the climate protection – and a Problem for us, as a Parliament,” said Nadja Hirsch, trade expert of the FDP in the European Parliament. “So we can agree to the trade agreement, there shall be no departure from the climate agreement.”

The EU-Parliament had adopted in July of 2018, with an overwhelming majority, a Resolution of the Commission in Brussels asks, “the topic of climate change in international trade and investment agreements and the […] to make implementation of the Convention of Paris, a prerequisite for the conclusion of future agreements”. Also, the President of France Emmanuel Macron wants to make compliance with the Paris climate agreement, a precondition for the new trade agreements.

Also skeptical, however, for other reasons, said Daniel Caspary, the trade policy spokesman of the Christian democratic EPP group. “We can’t force a country to receive his basis of life”, said Caspary. And in the case of a free trade agreement it is first of all to trade. “But the agreement with Mercosur fails in the Moment of the trade, where the Brazilian government’s stonewalling in the negotiations,” said Caspary, who is also the Chairman of the CDU/CSU group in Parliament. “This provides a massive discontent, and also in other Mercosur countries.”

Brazil’s President Bolsonaro is sacrificing the Amazon Meredith Kohut/ The New York Times/ Redux/ Laif The axe in the rain forest

A spokesman for the EU Commission said on request: “The European Commission remains committed to the successful conclusion of an ambitious, comprehensive and balanced agreement with Mercosur, the strict rules for sustainable development.” The Statements of the Deputy did not want to comment on the speaker. The authorities in Brussels are expected from Mercosur now has a clear position about the politics of the new Brazilian government.

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