For the AfD-politician Petr Bystron, it was the first trip abroad as a member of the German Bundestag. At the end of August, he flew with a member of staff to South Africa. The goal: to get an impression of the situation on the ground. The visit was, as usual in such cases, the other party’s representatives in the foreign Affairs Committee approved by the Bundestag President as a “Single business” has been approved.

for long stretches of the Bundestag moved at the time of his Visit, the of 29. August to 4. September went, in the usual framework: Bystron met with, among others, representatives of the business community, with members of South African parties and Non-governmental organisations, he attended the German school. There were official appointments, the Bystron asked and which had been declared as such by the German Embassy. To you employees of the foreign office take part in the rule, as well as Visits of other members of the Bundestag.

However, Bystron was in South Africa, a white Farmer – a member of the “Suidlanders”. It was a conversation that had classified the German Embassy, however, as a private appointment and no employee of the foreign office. The “Suidlanders” are a folkish, racist Organisation that is only open to White.

In the foreign office, described in an e-Mail so: it was the “Suidlanders” to a “non-governmental, Christian-conservative organization, the preliminary to a coming violent Revolution in South Africa”. Against the Background of the profile of the organization “under the Federal Foreign office has no relations to the ‘Suidlanders’,” stressed a spokeswoman.

Bystron had with the contact to this organization. The AfD-politician had a “Suidlander” and his son show when you visit the Farm. At a shooting gallery they had stepped out of the Jeep and had a shot, he tells on the phone to the MIRROR. A “target practice”, as in media written, it was not, however, be exaggerated. Bystron is a hunter, he says ironically, he don’t need shooting practice.

Bystron stand until the fall of 2017, in the observation

The shooting during his trip, it was only this week by a report of the ARD magazine “Report Mainz”. In November, the rights weekly newspaper “Young freedom” – the circles reported in AfD-popular – on Bystrons visit to the “Suidlanders”. A photo was shown of him with members on the grill, don’t shoot but mentioned.

The recent findings about Bystrons trip, which provoked fierce criticism in a part of the Bundestag Presidium. Also, the AfD group Executive Board wants to be at the next meeting of the Bundestag in mid-January by Bystron on his journey.

Bystron has been made more often in the headlines. As a former Bavarian AfD-land-in-chief, he had watched once sympathies for the extreme right and from the protection of the Constitution “Identitarian movement,” are recognisable and had been reprimanded by the then AfD Federal Executive Board. Until the autumn of 2017 Bystron has been observed by the Bavarian constitutional protection.

Bystron will receive no evaluation of the foreign official

can not understand the excitement. Coming soon to a trip report in the conservative magazine, “Cato”, in which he writes about the fact that the murder rate of white South Africans was much higher than in the rest of the population appears to be of him. The “young freedom”, he said now: “We take the views of the ‘Suidlanders’.” Nevertheless, he did want to meet with you, because that was “one of the largest Boer organizations, and the largest civil protection group in the world”.

in The case of employees of the Foreign office. A spokeswoman confirmed that Bystron of the staff of the Embassy in South Africa “was accompanied on the official appointments” of his journey. Of target practice, but “knew the Foreign office,” it was “a private part of the journey”.

Bystron says, from his visit to the “Suidlanders” he made no secret, he shall, through his office an E-Mail that went out at the end of June by one of its employees to a staff member of the foreign office. It says, among other things: “Two to be tested partners, Mr. Bystron have been recommended, are a Association Burischer Farmer and the ‘Suidlanders’.” Bystron says, an assessment of the “Suidlanders” had received his office from the foreign office never. “Instead, the Embassy in South Africa explained, among other things, this part to the private part of my journey. This assessment is, I think, is fundamentally wrong,” he says of the MIRROR.

No payment for “Suidlanders”-a visit from tax revenues

It is a small Detail, but important: Because this part of the trip was to be declared private, must Bystron have to pay the cost of the visit to the “Suidlanders” out of his own pocket – his shooting does not pay the taxpayer.

This is also apparent from an E-Mail to the administration of the Bundestag to the MIRROR: In the request of the travel program from Bystron an encounter with the organization “Suidlanders had not been listed”. In fact, it is stated in the Letter of 2. August of Bystrons office to the office of President of the Bundestag Wolfgang Schäuble (CDU), he wanted to conduct “information conversations with several parties in Pretoria and Cape town, as well as with various associations of farmers, who have invited me to Vanderkloof”. The Name of the organization does not appear.

under the settlement, the Bundestag, had been refunded, therefore, the Deputy – as usual – the flight and hotel costs. “Of the Bundestag administration is not a statement that was issued by the South African organization ‘Suidlanders’ to a member of staff of the Deputy Bystron and it was not apparent what service was provided, it was refunded, however,” it says. And further: “The Deputy had made any details or explanations.”

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