the journey of The AfD-Chairman of the foreign Affairs Committee, Petr Bystron, according to South Africa will also be in the AfD group in the Bundestag topic. “Mr. Bystron allowed to report about his trip in the next group to Board. The program will be discussed then,” said group spokesman Christian Lüth of the MIRROR to the journey that already took place at the end of August.

The Bundestag meets in the coming year, for the first time back in mid-January, usually days then at the beginning of each session, the Group members of the management Board of the parties.

According to Bystrons an extreme right-wing group to Meet with relatives in the country, said Lüth, the news Agency dpa, you’ll have to talk about it. The Bavarian AfD in the Bundestag, had taken on a trip to South Africa, the group Suidlanders and a common shooting training completed.

In other parties Bystrons behavior caused a lot of criticism. Prior to his entry into the Bundestag of the politicians had been observed for a long time due to expressions of support for the extreme right-wing “Identitarian movement” by the Bavarian constitutional protection. The Deputy Chairman of Bundestag Thomas Oppermann (SPD), informed well, if Bystron’ve really participated in a shooting training, that would be a case for the protection of the Constitution. “And it seems to have been his last business trip.”

Bundestag confirmed the travel authorization for Bystron

Bundestag Vice-President Claudia Roth (Green party) told the MIRROR: “Petr Bystron shows that the threshold of the AfD to a blatant proximity to and international co-operation with openly racist and violent groups not falling, but finally repealed.” Bystron have to leave with his behavior the Effect of the basic law.

The Bystron applied for the service trip was paid for by the Bundestag. Corresponding to the information of the ARD policy magazine “Report Mainz” was confirmed by the Parliament. “The President of the Bundestag has approved the single tour of duty on the basis of the application,” said a spokesman. Earlier, the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Parliament have voted in favour of the application.

Foreign office knew nothing of the Meeting with the “Suidlanders”

According to the MIRROR, the Foreign office knew nothing of his Meeting with the “Suidlanders”. This meeting should have made Bystron outside of the official of the German Embassy in South Africa in the case of such Visits, scheduled Meetings and appointments. After his visit, the AfD group has also approved a Small request Bystrons to the Federal government, in the policy of the ruling ANC compared to the white population. How the MIRROR learned further, insinuates through the detailed research question, a kind of reverse Apartheid by the ruling ANC against the white minority. The request, which is processed by the foreign office, must be answered by the end of January.

Bystron is the Chairman of the AfD in the foreign Affairs Committee. He had confirmed to the ARD-magazine, his participation in the shooting training. The “Suidlanders” are only for White and racist group.

Bystron himself had said, “Report Mainz,” he had. no fear of contact with the Suidlanders This is an organization of the civil society in South Africa. “I felt that this is an organization of predominantly white farmers, who are afraid for their lives and organize themselves in order to survive, should it come to the worst-case scenario.” The MIRROR he wrote on Tuesday in a text message: “How do you want to inform yourself about the murders of the white farmers to speak with their representatives?”. He and I played “football with the children of the German school.”

In November, had already published a report on the trip Bystrons in the right weekly “Junge Freiheit”. On the online page is also a picture of the meeting Bystrons were shown with the “Suidlanders” – when grilling. Another image shows him with the widow of a murdered white Farmers. At the same time, the sheet-quoted Bystron, with the remark that the risk of white farmers killed in South Africa three Times as high as that of the rest of the population. He referred to the plans of the ANC government to expropriate white farmers without compensation. “The Federal government should stop concealing the violence against white farmers in South Africa continue to whitewash”, the AfD’s Deputy about a month ago.

The Suidlanders expect that in South Africa, a Revolution breaks out – as the unspoken reason for the demise of fantasies of the group seems to be the democratically elected and Black-dominated government. You are the victim of the next anti-white civil war. Estimates range from a few Thousand active members. They come mostly from the Afrikaans-speaking minority of South Africa – the minority that was needed to Overcome the racist Apartheid regime in 1994.


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