A woman bites their shepherd. A Party is escalating because of a missing game console. And an alleged kidnapping turns out to be a bondage game. The most curious police reports of the year.

Playstation way, the Party escalates

In the dispute over a missing game console went in February a birthday party in Baden-Württemberg completely out of control. According to the police, the guests of the Celebration were accused in Eimeldingen each other, to have the Playstation stolen. An 18-Year old went off with fists to the other party.

police officers tried to mediate the dispute. The 18-Year-old, according to hit yourself, bite a policeman in the Finger and wounded him in the leg. In addition, he had offended the officials. “The Arrival of the officials, the console was already turned up again, the dispute among the party guests was threatened, however, escalate further,” said a Freiburg police spokesman.

As more party-goers jumped the attacker to the side, were alerted additional police officers and a police dog handler. The officials finally managed to calm down the situation.

husband wants to surprise wife with flowers and she meets with her lover

A 28-Year-old has caught on Valentine’s day in Saarbrücken his girlfriend with a lover. Instead of passing, as planned, brought the orchids of the 26-Year-old, used the man the flower pot in the bedroom as a weapon – and smashed him on the head of the Nebenbuhlers.

The 22-Year-old was not injured as a result, “irrelevant”, as a police spokesman said. The injured was taken to a hospital. And the orchids ended up in the trash.

woman wants the police to affair cover-up

companion hears A woman in Bremerhaven, Germany, operating in March associated expenses, so that your life is nothing from your lover. The 38-Year-old had been “trying to prevent any price”, that is your affair, busted, a police spokesman said.

As her life came to a companion home, and picked a loud quarrel. The lover hidden, meanwhile, in the closet. Concerned neighbors in the apartment house called the police. In the attempt of the officials to settle the dispute, were the Pair even more into a Rage and went to the police. The woman and the man were taken then.

Shortly thereafter, the police were called again in the house: the Unknown had occurred, the door to the apartment. You wanted to rid your hiding in the closet friend who couldn’t leave after the police completed apartment.

police get drunk waiter from the dining car

On a trip to Berlin, a rail employee in March in the on-Board bistro, generously poured, but only themselves. The Situation escalated in lower Saxony. Police officers took the full drunken man in Braunschweig from the ICE.

Instead of the guest car in the Bistro is neat to use, had been drinking 33-Year-old to travel from Basel self, as the Federal police announced. As a traveller complained that he cancelled the operation – then, the train Manager asked him to leave in Braunschweig the ICE. The waiter, however, refused and became aggressive.

When the police arrived, left the staff voluntarily to the train – but she refused to take an alcohol test. For the passengers, the matter took a good end: The drunken waiter they were, the bistro, however, remained closed until the end of the line.

woman bites of your German shepherd dog

In the state of Baden-Württemberg has bitten a dog owner in June of your pet’s ear and in the nose – so that it discharges from another dog. The incident occurred in Rheinau, the police announced in Offenburg. The shepherd dog had bitten, therefore, a mongrel dog and not let go.

according to The investigation of the shepherd’s dog a couple without a leash had bathed in a brook, as a Walker with her dog came by. The German shepherd attacked the leashed mongrel. In the battle of the three to the arbitration sought to the dog owner and attacked a dog and injured themselves.

The Keeper suffered according to the police, shoulder injuries, when she wanted to pull away your pet on the leash by the shepherd. The owner of which carried a slight bite injuries. The shepherd dog was reportedly unharmed.

Couple aroused with bondage game sensation

A man brings a woman tied from the trunk of his car, pulls her to the back seat and drives away: This scene witnesses observed in the summer in Mainz, Germany, and alarmed the police.


The officers responded immediately: After the car was wanted by the police, additional forces have been alerted. About half an hour later, police took the Pair down.

The 25-year-old man, and the woman gave credible evidence that it was a sadomasochistic game, and that they don’t want to scare. The officials conducted a “sensitising”, as it was called.

Alleged cries for help – parturient women police the use of

In Aachen, Germany, have concerned residents in July because of loud help the police screams alerted. The advanced with the same four cars – and soon noticed that it was calling not for help.

The police recorded the radio messages from the patrol car crews:

4.02 at Robert 11/32: “Have contact with passers – by heard the screams!”

4.04 PM Robert 11/31: “Hear the screams!”

4.04 PM Robert 11/32: “screams coming from the direction of the Church!”

4.07 PM, Robert 11/33: “Could also come from the St. Mary’s hospital. Questions as to whether in the delivery room for a birth.”

4.08 PM: Robert 11/21: “to question is also in the hospital.”

4.09 PM: Robert 11/32 “Could fit – the delivery room is located in the direction of Michael mountain road!”

4.09 PM: Robert 11/21: “screams coming from the delivery room – everything!”

4.13 PM: Robert 11/21: “Four births at the same time!!!”

Unhappy with a new hairstyle – customer pepper spray

Because, obviously, his new hair cut didn’t like to be sprayed has been sprayed a 34-Year-old in August, irritant gas in a hairdressing salon. The man had, according to police, the 52-year-old Boss of the salon, the hair cut. He was not, however, been satisfied with the result, and I only paid reluctantly.

a hairdresser

The customer has returned the information according to a short time later, in the Salon, and sprayed pepper spray. The Boss and a 23-year-old employee were slightly injured. The man is then have shown the middle finger and ran away. Emergency responders found him a short time later at the station square.


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