The South Korean short track Olympic medalist Shim Suk Hee has accused her already because of physical ill-treatment of the convicted Ex-Coach, now the year long of sexual coercion. The now 21-Year-old, who had won the 2014 and 2018 Olympic relay Gold, said that her former coach Cho Jae have passed Beom over a number of years sexually to her.

the Attacks had Started when she was 17 years old. They allegedly ended only in January 2018, a month before the winter games in Pyeongchang. This her lawyer said In Sang Hyeok. “This is a serious crime, our society must not look away,” he said.

Shim had expanded their allegations on the day, as you had to in the appeal proceedings against their former Coach to testify. This wanted to proceed against the judgment, which provides for a ten-month prison sentence.

he was accused of his runner to have these on a regular basis and insulted, beaten, since she was seven years old. Once he had broken her with a hockey stick, even the fingers.

a Few weeks before the winter, the coaches have entered you in such a way and against the head that you have thought of playing in Pyeongchang: “I could die now.” In this attack, the athlete suffered a concussion, won the season, however, as four years previously in Sochi Olympics gold.


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