Hanwha Defense Vice president Bernard Champoux presents the Hanwha Leader Development Program at the ATD 2019 ICE in Washington DC. Courtesy of Hanwha Group

General-turned-executive presents leader development program

Hanwha Group, one of the biggest conglomerates in Korea, is well known for its top executives’ unique leadership style. And now it attempts to spread its best practices.

The Seoul-based group said that it was asked to share its leadership program at the Association for Talent Development’s International Conference and Exposition 2019 (ATD 2019 ICE).

Hanwha Defense Vice President Bernard Champoux, delivered the opening speech to the development program session of the annual gathering in Washington. He is the former commander of the Eighth United States Army in Korea,

He noted that developing the right leaders can determine the success or failure of companies just as General Douglas MacArthur changed the course of the Korean War.

We are a vibrant, growing Global Fortune 500 company whose decades of success in numerous competitive markets has clearly demonstrated to us the critical value of identifying and growing strong leaders,” he said.

Based on my experience of leading 20,000 US troops, I can say that the excellence of Hanwha’s leadership program comes from how it measures an individual’s competence and how it provides opportunities for self-evaluation and development.”

He added that Hanwha is investing heavily in employee leadership development on a level that would match other global companies.

A Hanwha official said that the group’s program is unique because it is an assessment-based program that previously due to the amount of time required was cost-prohibitive and could not be scaled for large companies.

The ATD ICE is a global talent development conference where more than 10,000 experts from some 80 countries attend. Hundreds of training sessions covering various topics take place every year.

This year, Oprah Winfrey gave the keynote speech.

Hanwha attends the event every year to develop and share its human resource expertise.