For the third Time has come under President Donald Trump, a majority of the US government to a standstill. At the stroke of midnight (US time) at which time funding for several important ministries, the Congress was on a new budget. The authorities concerned have to cease operating now. The reason for the “Shutdown” is trump’s uncompromising demand for a wall to Mexico, the decline of the Democrats.

To be driven in large parts of the public service. What are the institutions and authorities now, particularly the review are affected.


Nine ministries are lame – including the Foreign, Interior, justice, Finance, trade, and the Department of homeland security. The current lock subject according to the U.S. Democrats in the house of representatives and the Senate, 800,000 of the 2.1 million government employees in the United States. Around 380,000 of them will in unpaid, forced vacation

tax authority

especially the tax authority, the IRS sent is affected: 52,000 employees will be furloughed temporarily.


420.000 indispensable to classified workers continue to work without pay. To Employees of law enforcement agencies and the judiciary, law enforcement officials, Federal police agencies such as the FBI, the drug enforcement authority of the DEA and the Bureau of alcohol, tobacco, firearms and explosives are concerned, but continue their work.

housing authorities

The processing and approval of real estate loans will be delayed because of the “shutdown” significantly informed, the US-housing authorities.


About 96 percent of all employees of the space Agency, NASA, will be granted a leave of absence of coercion.

national Park

Should move the “Shutdown” until over the Christmas holidays, suffering the tourists: About 80 percent of the employees of the national parks are affected. The national parks remain open, but unguarded. During the last “Shutdown” in January of 2018, approximately a third of the national parks in the country was closed.

all in All, costs could these delays and leaves of absence the American taxpayers very much money. Experts suggest that the “Shutdown” in 2013, had caused under the Obama administration an economic damage in the amount of two billion dollars. However, in this case, the damage is likely to be lower. Because five ministries are in operation, including the defense, education, health, and the Ministry of labour, because for those already in September, a longer-term budget was adopted.

Not affected by the budget freeze, a special investigator Robert Mueller, whose team has investigated cases of alleged contact between the Trumps of the election campaign Team and Russia is, by the way.


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