For twelve days, parts of the U.S. government stand still. The reason US President Donald trump’s uncompromising demand for a wall to Mexico. Now the U.S. President has invited the leaders of both Congress chambers to the White house. They shall meet at three o’clock to a Briefing on the topic of border security.

It was the first direct Meeting between the President and leading party members of the Republicans and Democrats would be a lock since the beginning of the budget. “We want to make a Deal?”, had Trump asked previously on Twitter.

Why is it the Shutdown?

The government is discussing for two weeks with members of Parliament and senators on interim financing of the government until February. The main point of contention is the funding of the wall to Mexico.

Trump refuses to present a draft budget to sign, if there is not at least five billion dollars (4,36 billion Euro) are provided for the construction of a wall. It is a Central election campaign was the promise of his candidacy – almost two years after his election, Trump has not implemented it still.

last December, the majority of Republicans had voted in the house of representatives for a proposal that provides $ 5.7 billion for the construction of the wall. In the Senate it had been given for this proposal, however, is not a majority.

From the 3. January, is likely to become Trump’s even less likely the funding of the wall. Then the Democrats have the majority in the house of representatives. You see the wall as a waste of taxpayers ‘ money.

Why is agreement so difficult?

For both sides of the dispute relates to the principles of their policy. Trump wants to redeem the promise of his election campaign, in order to score points before the next election in 2020 in the case of his constituents. The Democrats want to show that you can Trump. At the same time all of the Republicans are not behind Trumps wall proposal. They had tried in the past, the President of his plans to dissuade.

Both Democrats and Republicans the blame for the standstill of course on the other side. So it came between Donald Trump, his Vice Mike Pence and democratic group of leaders in Congress, Chuck Schumer, and Nacy Pelosi, to a public dispute in the TV. Finally, Trump called out angrily: “I take the responsibility!” If necessary, he will place “the country in the name of border security lame”.

According to a poll from “Politico” is making a majority of the voters Trump for the Shutdown is the responsibility of: 55 percent said the wall to Mexico, does not justify the government shutdown. 31 percent saw the wall as a sufficient reason.

Who is affected by the downtime?

About 25 percent of the government authorities suffer from the still. The government deprives a standstill all the authorities, the funding for which no new budget is adopted. Approximately 800,000 civil servants are to appear on leave forced, therefore, either unpaid or must – also unpaid – for work. In the past, officials had received the money for the unpaid work. It is no guarantee.

the space Agency, Nasa, the ministries, such as home protection, home Affairs, foreign Affairs, justice, economy and housing, in addition, the EPA and the FDA are Concerned.

the defense and the Ministry of labour, education and health authorities, with the exception of the FDA are affected. For they had already been in September a budget is adopted.

How often it came in the US in the past to Shutdown?

It is the 21st century. Government shutdown in U.S. history and the third under President Trump. In January, Trump and the Democrats had completed a Sthutdown after three days. Even then, it went to the funding of the wall to Mexico, and the future of the Dreamer – immigrants who arrived as children illegally into the country. At the time the financing was with a transitional solution up to 8. February secured. On 9. February came again to a Shutdown – which was, however, corrected over night.

In the past, the government held a standstill for more than a few weeks. The longest occurred under President Bill Clinton From 5. December 1995 to 6. January 19996. Under Barack Obama, a Shutdown of 2013, it was resolved within 16 days. Trump threatened on Twitter, the Shutdown could last for “very long” if the Democrats agree to his plans. Also, the Congress did not seem eager to end the stalemate quickly.

what’s next?

It is still unclear when and how the Government shutdown can be completed. Trump has asked Republicans and Democrats for talks in the White house. The Republican majority leader in the Senate, Mitch McConnell, will join the conversation. In this respect, the debate on the budget for the show could be the place of the first battle of McConnell as speaker of the Senate and Nancy Pelosi as the future leader of the majority in the house of representatives.

according to media reports, the Democrats in the house of representatives on Thursday by introducing a bill to end the government shutdown. The Trump demanded five billion dollars for the wall are not included. In your Plan Post are provided on the other hand, according to the “Washington” of 1.3 billion dollars for Trumps wall. With such a design, the Democrats were met in December already Trumps claims – without success. The proposal would now only few chances to be the Senate approved. Here the Republicans have the majority.

The proposal promptly received a rejection letter from the White house. “The Pelosi Plan is a non-starter,” said presidential office spokeswoman Sarah Sanders. Neither the homeland security would be funded, yet American families from human trafficking, drugs and crime are protected.


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