In the United States, a part of the threatening shortly before Christmas, wise still the government shops. The reason: the US President, Donald Trump continues to insist that the regular budget resources for the government money for a boundary wall intended to be. Otherwise, he wants to such a Budget bill, not sign it. Now the Republicans in the house of representatives, which are currently still in the majority have agreed that the budget will include $ 5.7 billion for the wall.

The vote was almost according to the party affiliations in the house of representatives: 217 members voted in favour, 185 against. The budget must still be approved by the Senate and will not be as very likely by. In the Senate the project of Trumps would also rely on the votes of Democrats.

The White house announced that Trump will not leave for the Christmas holidays to Florida, if it actually comes to a “Shutdown”. It should give up for the night on Saturday – to Saturday morning German time, no agreement, would the US government run out of money. Employees would then be sent to a forced vacation, Offices and agencies closed.

On Wednesday evening, the U.S. Senate had passed with a large majority a bill that would guarantee the continuation of the business of government until the beginning of February 2019. Money for the construction of the wall is not provided therein. Because Trump refuses the budget without money for the wall sign, had to be negotiated in the house of representatives in new ways. (For more on trump’s behavior in the budget dispute, click here.)

Until next month, trump is the Republicans still have a majority in the Senate and in the house of representatives. In the new year, the Democrats take over then, as a result of the Midterms, the majority in the house of representatives.


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