In the Monday night called on soldiers in Gabon of a Studio of the national radio station from the population to revolt against the head of state, Ali Bongo Ondimba. The President was deposed, he had placed his personal Welfare above that of the people.

On Monday morning, a government spokesman denied the claim by the military that there had been a successful coup. “The Situation is under control,” said Guy Bertrand Mapangou, among other things, the French international broadcaster Radio France International. The order will be restored “in two to three hours”.

Of the five military, which had occupied the state radio, had been captured by the Gendarmerie, a fifth had fled. Security forces had been stationed in the capital and would receive the presence, in the coming days. The country’s borders remained open.

Bongo due to medical treatment out of the country

In the early hours of the morning a Lieutenant of the Republican guard in the Straat the radio had announced that the army had occupied all the important facilities, such as roads and airports. The President is no longer able to lead the country.

Screenshot from the coup video the military

the people of the Lieutenant promised in his five-minute speech in a “democratic Transition”. A “Patriotic movement of the youth, the army and the security forces” wanted to restore “the Dignity of the country”.

President Bongo was not in the least because of medical treatments, several weeks out of the country. Currently, he is supposed to be due to a stroke in Morocco to be treated. In October, the visitors had elected a new Parliament. The ballot was largely peaceful. In 2016, it was after the narrow election victory Bongos came to violent protests, with several dead.

Ali Bongo Ondimba.

Ali Bongo was followed in 2009 in the presidency on his father Omar Bongo. The had ruled the country with two million inhabitants, previously for 41 years. Gabon has rich Oil resources, however, parts of the population live in poverty. Falling Oil prices had led in recent years to an economic crisis.

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