Shown above is a captured image of a YouTube broadcast by Kim Yong-ho on February 16. In the photo, SK Group Chairman Chey Tae-won has a meal with a man and a woman.

Tycoon rebuffs rumors on another girlfriend

SK Group Chairman Chey Tae-won is expected to bring a famous YouTuber to the court as the latter hinted that the 59-year-old tycoon has another girlfriend.

On February 18, One Law Partners rebuffed that the claims of the YouTuber, named Kim Yong-ho, are totally groundless.

On February 16, Kim broadcast a picture on YouTube where Chairman Chey had a meal with a man and a woman on February 7 at a posh Chinese restaurant in southern Seoul. 

Kim, who previously worked for Korean media outlets, claimed that she was not Kim Hee-young, Chey’s girlfriend. While going through a divorce suit with his wife Roh So-young, Chey is living with Kim Hee-young.

The guy who took the picture told me that she was not Kim Hee-young. I know who she was, although SK officials denied when I contacted them.” Kim said in the broadcast.

As far as I know, Kim Hee-young stayed in New Jersey when the photo was taken.”

The YouTuber claimed that Chey originally visited the Chinese restaurant with just the lady in question. As there is no room, they opted to have eat at a table in the hall, Kim Yong-ho said.

To avoid suspicion of people, Kim Yong-ho alleged that Chey invited a man, who appears to be Chey’s secretary, to the table so as to pretend to have a business meeting.

Referring to a recent video clip broadcast by his teammates on December 5 last year, Kim Yong-ho came up with the possibility that she was another girlfriend of the billionaire businessman.

A team of YouTubers contended two months ago that Chey has a girlfriend other than Kim Hee-young.

Let us make it clear that Kim Yong-ho’s broadcast is not true at all. It was T&C Foundation chief Kim Hee-young with whom Chey had a meal on the day,” One Law Partners said in a statement.

The contents of the December 5 broadcast, which Kim Yong-ho talked, are also clearly false.”

The law firm’s spokesperson said that many options are now under consideration. Observers expect that Chairman Chey would file lawsuits against Kim Yong-ho.

In the YouTube broadcast, Kim Yong-ho promised that he would delete the video file in case SK confirms that she was Kim Hee-young. But he did not keep his words as of the publication of this article. In five days, the clip racked up more than 210,000 viewcounts. 

Chey got married to Roh So-young, the daughter of former Korean President Roh Tae-woo, in 1988 to have three children.

In a letter written to a Korean newspaper in 2015, Chey first showed his will to divorce Roh, revealing they spent several years apart.

At the time, Chey disclosed that he lived with Kim Hee-young, and they had an illegitimate child.

His move generated controversies since he disclosed the facts on the year when the country’s Constitutional Court overturned a law that made adultery a crime. Otherwise, he might have served his third jail-time.

In 2017, Chey sought a divorce settlement, but the court turned it down as Roh refused to do so. Two years later, Roh filed for divorce, requesting Chey’s stake in SK worth around $1.2 billion.