Shown above is the world’s first 321-layer NAND flash memory of SK hynix. Photo courtesy of SK hynix

Korean firm comes up with cutting-edge product

South Korean memory chipmaker SK hynix took the wraps off a 321-layer NAND flash memory on Aug. 9 during the Flash Memory Summit held in Santa Clara.

SK hynix, the world’s second-largest manufacturer of memory chips, is the first in the industry to come up with samples of a product with more than 300 layers.

The previous champion is a 238-layer NAND, which is already being churned out by SK hynix.

In terms of productivity, the 321-layer chip is 59% better than the 238-layer one as a single chip comes with more cells and larger storage capacity, according to SK hynix.

The corporation said that it was scheduled to start mass production of the cutting-edge products in the first half of 2025.

“With another breakthrough to address stacking limitations, SK hynix will open the era of NAND with more than 300 layers and lead the market,” the firm said in a statement.

NAND flash is a non-volatile storage, which does not need power to store data. In comparison, DRAM is a volatile semiconductor memory, which holds data as long as power is supplied.

The former is used for digital TVs, tablets, and USB drives, while the latter is necessary for personal computers and servers. In both areas, Samsung Electronics and SK hynix are leading the industry.

In a keynote speech at the three-day memory summit, SK hynix Executive Vice President Choi Jung-dal expected that the new NAND would help faster data processing in the era of generative artificial intelligence.

“With timely introduction of the high-performance and high-capacity NAND, we will strive to meet the requirements of the AI era and continue to lead innovation,” he noted.

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