Apple wants to adjust to the significantly worse-than-expected run of Christmas business to a media report, fewer new employees. CEO Tim Cook informed at the beginning of the month internally about the fact that some areas of the company for new hires would have to be more restrictive, reported the news Agency Bloomberg, citing an Insider.

A complete hiring freeze, he holds, therefore, however, for the right solution. Key areas, such as the work on Artificial intelligence, would grow more vigorously. In the end of September in the year of the Apple workforce was to grow to 123,000 to 132,000 full-time jobs.

Apple had informed at the beginning of the month, and the group has missed in the Christmas quarter of its own revenue forecast. The iPhone group lowered the sales estimate for the last three months to 84 billion dollars, while in November of 89 to 93 billion expected.

Cook-occurs after the forecast reduction

The strong correction in going back especially to the weaker iPhone sales in China, it said. It also has to do with the trade dispute between the U.S. and China, Apple’s shares lost part of massive value .

the patent dispute with chip maker Qualcomm caused unrest. Add to that Apple’s high-price strategy, some experts also see a Problem. Despite all this turmoil in the group, the salary of the Executive chief Cook in the past year has risen sharply: by 22 per cent to 15.7 million dollars.

According to the forecast reduction occurred was Cook in front of the staff. Of the Meeting, information were previously barely leaked. Only the well-connected Tech Blogger John Gruber reported that Apple have replaced, according to the Cook last year, eleven million iPhone batteries, while the group’s outgoing normally from one to two million.

Apple was named as one of the reasons for the weaker performance in the Christmas business also, that some of its customers had made the offer for the cheap battery exchange use, instead of buying a new phone.

Tim Cook in an Apple store in Shanghai (image from October 2018)

The group had reduced the price for the replacement of the batteries at times dramatically, after it became known that the performance of iPhones with the age have been reduced in the battery and in part by Software. Apple said that was not necessary, so that the devices switch off under a heavy load, critics accused the group, however, to urge the user to buy a new mobile phones.


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