Networked household devices and services to unified European Standards safer. Negotiators of the EU Commission, the EU member States and the European Parliament agreed on Tuesday night on a framework for an appropriate certificate, to apply for products and services in the whole of the EU.

consumers want to be informed, therefore, better about how safe the products are in the “Internet of things” where more and more devices to the Internet and connected to each other. The manufacturer would have to specify detailed information about the IT security of their products and report, as long as you deploy security updates, told the Parliament.


For a company, means the certificate for the EU Agency for cyber security in Greece that you no longer have to pay for several Tests in different countries.

The certification remains voluntary. Whether you want to in certain areas mandatory, will examine the EU-Commission now. The agreement from the night of Tuesday, has yet to be formally confirmed by the Parliament and the EU member States and occurs a few weeks later.


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