In Bavaria and Austria, the people suffer under the snow. But also for wild animals, the Situation is critical.

High snow cover, as they are in the Berchtesgadener Land, for wild animals, according to information from the Bavarian hunting Association, a life-threatening Situation. At snow depths of up to three meters, deer, or foxes could hardly move. The Food stocks are also completely snowed in. To help animals, want to discard the Association with helicopters around Bales of hay over to snow in areas. “Extreme situations require extreme measures,” says spokesman Thomas Schreder.

According to the wildlife biologists Andreas Kinser, only the healthy and robust animals that survive often.”For the weak and sick wild animals a extreme the winter is so deadly.”

such As avalanches, Extreme weather conditions such As avalanches are created, and what makes them so dangerous.

Classic winter sleepers, such as the marmot, Dormouse, hazel mouse and the bat slept through the masses of Snow in your basement or tree cavity. Badger and squirrel remain in their buildings, and go back to foraging when the weather allows it.

Some species have special strategies against the snow: chamois search exposed to the sun and Wind free of snow flown on slopes. The Alpine snow chicken is even aware there any snow. “They build small igloos; in your snow cave is warmer than outside in the icy Wind,” said Kinser.

there’s No danger to bee populations. According to Peter mask, President of the German Imkerbunds, to keep the animals in Winter, in a Winter cluster Inside the bee hives.” For the Winter cluster, the bees huddle together very close and warm each other. The snow have on the bees even have a positive impact. “This is the guarantee that the Queen has a nice long winter rest.” For the beekeepers that also means that he can fight the varroa mite. “It is only then, when no brood is present.”


it is not clear yet how strong the snow is detrimental to the forest. “At the moment we do not have any serious damage estimation, since we warn our members and the population to urge on the verge of going into the forest. Here is acute danger to life,” said Philipp Freiherr zu Guttenberg, President of the Association of German forest owners associations, the “image”-newspaper. “There are, however, due to the huge quantities of heavy and wet snow already massive damage. The snow makes the trees like matchsticks cancel or to fall due to the high snow load.”

From the extreme weather situation on the other hand benefits the agriculture. The snow is for the benefit of the Agriculture in Bavaria. “On the fields and in the forests, the moisture is needed because of the severe drought in the last year strongly,” says a spokeswoman of the Bavarian farmers Association in Munich on Friday. “In addition, the Frost on beyond the bottom of the Fields, which the earth is soft and especially good for the next sowing.”

sink While ROE deer and red deer in Bavaria in the snow, to experience conspecifics in the North of Germany quite mild winter weather. In the sunshine it could even happen that hares begin mating, wildlife biologist Kinser. Also, the wild pigs like the temperatures, because from January to March is when the black is the main coats of the time of the births. “If it’s warm, has a small greenie greater the chances of Survival in freezing weather,” says Kinser.


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