Mia repressed Emma, Ben, defended its Position.Mila and Milan, the newcomer of the year.These are the most important findings from this year’s first name statistics of Knud Bielefeld.In addition, the researchers discovered a fairy-tale character.

The parents in Germany have remained your loved one’s first name with the law. The Hobby-name researcher Knud Bielefeld from Ahrensburg, near Hamburg, has evaluated 183.396 birth announcements from Germany for the year 2015 and, therefore, more than a quarter – some 26 percent of Baby names. The top places belong to Mia and Ben.

"From year to year&quot is always changing; says Bielefeld. For him, the movers and Trends are not exciting, he explains. And as he looks currently on the new "Star Wars" Film. PDF With this first name is your child successful! Our PDF guide shows you the most popular children’s names and how they are the future of your child can shape. Also: How children are allowed.To the PDF guide

this places the "Star Wars"-heroes currently

"I’m curious to see how the Name makes&quot Finn; says Bielefeld. The Name of the new hero, namely Finland, is now all the rage. "I am very curious to see whether this deters or more for the name advertises," says the expert. In the current Ranking Finn in addition to Y – variant Fynn-place five.

The old "Star Wars"-Hero Luke is not even in the Top Ten arrived, but according to the Bielefeld a climber. He has also for Kylo sympathy. So the new villain in the seventh Episode of the star war Saga. "The fits from the sound of it, the fashion name-Schema, and "y" is in the case of young parents in the Trend," says Bielefeld. But whether the villain as the name set the godfather?

Shakira took Milan popular

first names in Germany are also covered by the German language society (GfdS) in Wiesbaden, Germany. For 2014, determined using the offices as a favorite for the first name Hanna/Hannah and Luis/Louis. You presented your evaluations in the following year. Bielefeld is based mainly on antenatal clinics as well as information from ten state offices.

the model for the Shooting-Star of the year for the boys – Milan – could-Latin-Pop Queen Shakira and Spanish football player Gerard Piqué. They named their first-born 2013. "Since it is the most emerging Name", says Bielefeld. "If a Name appears in the media, he’s always known. Just when we hear something we like, we like it even better – a psychological effect", he explains.

is The Name of Mila "from"

"Whether the meaning of a Name is the parents aware of or is important not to&quot I know; says Bielefeld. The girl has managed to get Mila for the first time. "so the Name", says the Hobby-name researchers. "Mila is a Slavic Name, and milo means sweet or pleasant." Besides, it sounds so similar to Mia, who Placed in this year’s Top, or Lina (7th place).

"the sound of The Name is the parents important," says Bielefeld. He hears the other forward, pressing out: Elias and Emil, Ella and Tilda. And Eleano, a newcomer in the young, sounds for Bielefeld "simply beautiful". In addition, Jasko and Teddy showed up, as well as the girl Anjela as a variant of Angela, Floriana and Ximena, for the first time.

The most popular names for 2015 are short

On the hit list of 2015 dominate but once again the short name. Mia replaces Emma at the top. The runner-up had stopped in 2014 the then five-year winning streak of Mia on the side of Ben. Now this favorites is in harmony-double.

Ben, and in this year, Jonas and Leon, who shared the Top-Ten in comparison to the previous year, Ranking with Paul and Luis/Louis. The "L"-name of the race: Lukas/Lucas, Leon and Luca/Luka were ten years ago, when the boy on the places 1 to 3 the sound, for the girls it was the first place winner Leonie. Your Lea/Leah, Lena, and Laura followed with a little distance.

Also a snow white, there were 2015

Speaking of the throne of exchange: it was also in Bavaria, where Maximilian master rich its traditional place at the top of last year’s winner Lucas/Lukas recaptured. And also strange is in this year. As in the case of the newborn, which should find at least the name in the Grimm’s fairy tale world again: Gretchen snow white her officially registered Name, Bielefeld says.

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