the Federal health Minister, Jens Spahn (CDU) has suggested that children should have to pay lots of generally higher contributions for social insurance, not only for long-term care insurance. For this he receives a lot of criticism. You can charge Children as simply by additional contributions from stronger financially? The most important questions and answers

All of the questions in the Overview: calls for What the Minister of health specifically? What is the criticism? The proposal is new?
will Be charged from the Children or parents financially stronger? Are allowed higher contributions for Children legally? What difficulties are there in different posts?
How many Children are there in Germany anyway? What the health Minister calls for specifically?

The Minister had suggested in a guest post for two daily Newspapers, that Children should generally contribute to stronger financially to the future viability of social systems as families. Specifically, people should be paid, excluding trainees, increased contributions for the care and pension insurance as a parent. Spahn mentioned also his own childlessness, and stressed that he was ready, financially and more to the future viability of the system. However, the Bundestag except for deputies of contributions to the statutory pension insurance.

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What is the criticism?

Federal Minister of labour, Hubertus Heil (SPD), described the proposal as a “weird idea” and sees this as a disadvantage of Children. Left party leader Dietmar Bartsch, said that higher contributions for children are lots of discrimination. Instead, the self-employed, civil servants and politicians do not, or only partly, should be involved in the legal social systems, what is the case today.

FDP parliamentary group Vice-Katja Suding referred to the good economic situation. In times of bubbling in tax revenue claims for contribution were increases in General, inappropriate.

criticism was also of trade unions and social associations. DGB Board member Annelie colorful Bach requested that those who educate children should be supported financially stronger, but this should be financed by taxes and not by higher contributions from Children.

The President of the social Association VdK, Verena to Bentele, suggested that the tax-financed family benefits and compensation to develop. Higher income children could be used loose, in their opinion, targeted the tax law, as this will capture the entire economic performance. A flat rate charge for Children, regardless of income, unions and social organisations have refused.

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the proposal Is new?

is not The claim that is for the children to Deposit loose higher contributions, except for the maintenance – also for pension insurance. Since 2005, people without children between 23 and 64 years of age a Supplement of 0.25 percentage points in the nursing care insurance. And also in 2005, the CDU proposed in its election program, that the parents should also be in the case of the pension insurance is credited. In this respect, Spahn with his approach to old ideas. Recently, he had demanded a further increase of the surcharge for Children in the care insurance, to mention but without concrete Figures. Spahn explained that with the demographic change.

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Are Children or parents financially stronger?

Depending on which services are taken into account, one arrives at different results: In the case of the care insurance for children will be charged lots more. Even if a active life higher amounts – the monthly burden is not so: Currently, children pay lots for a maximum of ten Euro more than the parents.

critics of the same contributions argue that parents would be twice punished, if you are charged in the case of social insurance just as high, and at the same time, by their children and their education performance, the future of insurance guaranteed.

mentioned in the rule that parents are relieved of elsewhere financially. So education periods in the statutory pension insurance, there is the so-called mothers ‘ pension, education benefits for children born before 1992. And by contribution-free family insurance statutory health insurance only, children are covered free of charge, but under certain circumstances, also of the spouse. Contributions must also be paid to mothers and fathers during their parents time. The contribution-free family insurance is valid, however, for childless couples, for example, if a Partner engaged in minor employment, or the care of relatives.

In addition, be mentioned in the debate, there are often families or fiscal benefits – parental allowance, child benefit or child allowances for income tax, for example, or the entitlement to a kindergarten place, the contribution is at least from the age of three nationwide free. All of these measures are not, however, in a direct connection with the social insurances. Some of them also serve to increase the employment rate of parents, and can not therefore be taken into account in a reputable.

judge Jürgen Borchert, The Darmstadt social in a study from the year 2012 to the result that the Children financially benefit more, simply because they receive benefits from the System, without future contributors to raise. Therefore, solely on the pension-, care – and health insurance is distributed annually, free 120 billion, from families to Children.

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– allow higher contributions for Children legally?

Yes, this has determined the Federal constitutional court in 2001, before the introduction of the additional contribution for Children in care insurance. The court obliged the legislator at the time, the Parenting capacity of families to care insurance, to recognize and relieve the burden on parents in the active family phase. The judges suggested that this is a question for other social insuranceungszweige should be reviewed.

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What difficulties are there in different posts?

The Federal social court issued two Judgments, in 2015 and 2017, the existing financing of the social insurance Constitution to be compliant. The law left no room, the design of the social insurance law. The judge referred to the inside and judges to justify the financial burden of parents in the social insurance elsewhere.

And there are further difficulties: While in the care insurance scheme, benefits are generally capped by the maintenance degree of the Power concerned is not entitled to depend upon in the statutory pension insurance scheme, the principle of Equivalence. Here, the height and duration of contribution payments to determine the individual pension level. It would introduce surcharges for Children, you would have to change the contribution of systematics in General. An additional contribution for Children would remain in the calculation of the individual pension amount is not taken into account. Because of the allocation process between the generations, this is simply not possible.

likely additional contributions in the statutory health insurance. Here, benefits will be paid only if the insured event occurs, regardless of the contribution amount.

Theoretically should be thought about surcharges in the case of other social insurance such as unemployment insurance. After all, parents are more likely to work part-time as a Childless and have it on the labour market because of the poor compatibility of family and work harder.

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How many Children are there in Germany anyway?

According to the Federal Ministry for family Affairs, more than seven million men and women between the ages of 30 and 50 years, no child – at least 29 percent of this age cohort. There is also a difference between the sexes: For women, 22 per cent (2,63 million) are childless, while the men are 36 percent (4.39 million).

is Involuntarily childless, according to the Federal Ministry for family Affairs, but only of the smaller part of all the people without children. That is to say, most of them are still childless. This also shows the following statistics: The childlessness decreases with increasing age. Therefore, especially the Younger ones, would be burdened by Spahns proposal financially stronger. You are also expected due to the demographic change from the statutory pension insurance have fewer benefits.

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