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No other social power is as controversial as the unemployment benefit II, popularly known as Hartz IV. 13 years after its introduction, it has not only German social courts, but also the parties. Both the Greens and the SPD want to let the unpopular basic security behind. But also the FDP and the left party have long called for the Hartz IV to abolish or to reform fundamentally. But what comes instead? The concept of a basic income is being discussed intensively for some years, and increasingly even among established economists. And it is popular in the population. The Left dares not even to demand a basic income for all. But the individual ideas of the concept are incorporated in the designs of several parties.

Hartz IV Hartz IV

The Hartz IV unemployment benefit II, to be referred to entered as the fourth law for modern services on the labour market on 1. January 2005. It is a basic backup performance, especially for job-seekers, is provided through the local job centre.

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