The Swedish Parliament has chosen the former Prime Minister Stefan Löfven for a second term as head of government. Löfvens new minority government of social Democrats and the Greens received at the time of the vote, the support of the centre party and the liberals.

For Löfven is enough that less than half of the 349 MPs voted against him. He received 115 votes in favour, 153 voted against him. There were 77 abstentions, and four members were absent. In Sweden, a candidate for government office must have the vote, not a majority, but it is sufficient, if not a majority against him is true.

With the choice of a four-month government ends crisis, during the could not form a party Alliance to a majority. The choice at the beginning of September Löfven’s social Democrats remained despite loss of strongest force. But neither the red-green camp of the conservative Block have a stable majority. The right-wing populist Sweden Democrats (SD) were gone as the third-strongest force from the election.

In the past week had made the social Democrats and the Green with the centre party and the liberals, both in the last term in the Opposition, an agreement to end the government crisis. While Löfven has made important concessions to the centre-right parties, such as the easing of the strict Swedish employment law.

It is expected that the Prime Minister will be presenting on Monday, his Cabinet and the government program.


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