diesel driving bans, state election, Brexit, de-democratization in Eastern Europe, Syria, Russia, conflict, trump detonation, presumably, Islamist and extreme right-wing attacks – 2019 is likely to be a politically explosive year. This is even more true for social media, the only room in the echoes louder than the original noise. Therefore, I would like to put to you is one of the most important tools in personal use of social media to the heart:


I would like to Express a praise for the blocking , I would like to celebrate the Block, I would like to block the urgent recommendation to give. If you want me to, that is your right.

Social media are so called because they extend to social relations in the Digital map, re-define. This works through various mechanisms: a. by clicking each other befrienden* like on Facebook You can follow others like on Twitter. Sometimes there are new techno-social hybrid forms, such as in WhatsApp groups, where the Common needs to go beyond the belonging to a discussion group. In any case, it is technically established a social connection, or accepted. But to social relations, the termination of the same, such as the life of the death. And there are, depending on the platform, different approaches. Block is the most important, because to block the possibility of a social media power to your social media.

Block means, an Account from the personal perception of the universe hide. Often, this function is in social media the last, at least in the short term, effective protection wall against insults, threats, attacks. Sometimes, however, it is also just a click of the cold enjoyed revenge, to leave an angry raging mob.

To this hour I have blocked personally on Twitter 1435 Accounts, for various reasons: obviously, extreme-Right, Holocaust deniers, anti-Semites and anti-Zionists, Islamists, Misogyne, homophobic and Transphobic, fundamentalists of all kinds, Putin, Erdogan and Trump Younger, Pöbler, Bots, ordinary, Annoying, College-Rock Fans, but not only. In each of the Social Media users a little Troll, and I attended, at least sometimes, simple joy on the Block.

no censorship

is believed to Block A number of General indignant people, that Block is almost synonymous with censorship. This is nonsense, is a ID of the I-Hybris and the definition of blindness. Censorship is to be allowed to not comment. Block but the freedom of the Individual, others from the personal digital sphere is not, as you can even into your own living room every. In social media, you owe to anyone’s attention. Really, no Person has the right to be in your field of vision to take place. Not even three meters wide, have anti-cancer Nobel prize winner, the juggling on a unicycle with flaming chain saws while singing the world formula – no one with any Expression, in any case. No one is allowed to entangle them in its sole discretion and in unwanted discussions, no one has the right to exact their attention. It is the self-righteous Attack, which makes such people believe, is alone, of all their submissions have to be heard. In short: freedom of speech does not mean that everyone must listen to this opinion.

incidentally, It is not so, that you cook by intensive Block only in its own juice, as less knowledgeable. The network is too big and different from my ends to. Actually, on the contrary, If one makes bags the pop-up, it is easier, wiser and less aggressive presented against opinions at all. Before you often get lost in the noise. Block is, therefore, contrary to the often spread view very well to be able to contrary opinions in the first place makes sense to assess.

freedom is the Block! This is the often under-appreciated individualistic essence of social media, the only looks on the first view of the personally Block Insulted anti-social. Actually, the opposite is the case, for it is only with the unconditional, personal selection of the contacts in a Social Network can work. It is no coincidence that the block function is built into all major social media.

a digital human is Block legal

There are certainly are worthy of discussion limitations of the blocking, but not all individually. That Donald Trump excludes its clearly as a President’s Account used Twitter profile citizens by Blocking, can actually be legally and socially problematic. Likewise, if the police account is block without reasons or Appeal, although in some cases, vital information could be published, such as in the case of a terrorist attack. Filters sovereignty and block freedom can end up there, where official Accounts have a responsibility to the Public. Because Blocking prevents, in most cases, the blocked Accounts, all information.

And also the Twitter action from Jan böhmermann discussion appears to be worthy of The satirist is pursuing a very far-reaching block policy, which is his right. In September 2018** he had put his personal block list with 8421 hand blocked Accounts available to the Public. (Twitter allows the Ex – and Import block lists.) Until today, there are people who claim with a mixture of liver sausage and in spite of pride, to stand on the “Bohemian man-block list”. My personal view is liberal. No one will be forced to import block lists, you should do what you want. If you would like to place his most important Social-Media-defence in the hands of a satirist, if you please. If you call such actions seriously, “totalitarian”, then you understand neither social media nor totalitarianism. However, I can understand due to the mass effect, such as irritation and political interference-feelings arise in the case of block lists.

The term “list” has, especially in Germany, a dark history, and a menacing sound. But there is a radical difference that is ignored too often in history forget to miss: The well-known political lists work in society, the state, and therefore totalitarian. A block list but from the individual and affects the individual who has chosen to be. The difference is about someone standing in front of the fence around a plot of land and would be in scream: You locked me in here in the rest of the world!

Everyone is permitted to every Block, without notice, without the obligation to explain, without a single second thought. Block at will, whom you want, and you can never tell that it was somehow not okay. Block, a digital human rights.

* no error, but a new word is not befrienden, because Facebook Friends are synonymous with “friends”.
** Please note: It was NOT the action of “Reconquista Internet”.

Sam Yoon has many years of experiences in journalism. He has covered such areas as information technology, science, sports and politics. Yoon can be reached at 82-2-6956-6698.