2019 will be a year of molting for social media. It is still unclear whether they molt or if they are skinned. Political Manipulation via Social Media has become a normality, harassment of women and hatred overall in social media everyday. The state of social media in the year 2018 is, to put it mildly-ugly – nonsense: catastrophic. After all, The problems have become so big, so undeniable, and especially so publicly, that consequences will be drawn. So I’m here to discuss three dimensions of social media for 2019.

The asshole is a problem of Social Media

This is less meant that there are assholes in social media – but that a surprisingly high number of them leads to social media. Twitter boss Jack Dorsey wears the crown currently, he gain it honestly. At the beginning of December, he made a meditation holiday in Myanmar, highlighted the great beauty of the country and said his big goal: “How can I suffer?” In Myanmar, a genocide is taking place, according to UN investigators, particularly fueled by propaganda and Fake News in social media. To put in such a place, the question as to his own Suffering, the track is even for the Silicon-Valley ratios cynical.

And Sheryl Sandberg, Chief Operating Officer of Facebook, has stood up in the scandal involving the defamation of Facebook critics after a week-long lie in, to have a job at a notorious PR firm know.

But, of course, good for these episodes only as symbols of a deep-seated problem: The leading figures in social media have taken care of over the years, especially to the optimization of the business model. Adverse effects and side effects were either ignored as a cosmetic problems, or concealed, beautiful lie. And even still, as a public long errors, improvement was praised.

again and again evidence of the ruthlessness of the business channels from Facebook to Twitter, Snapchat to be known. Not to mention the Russian and Chinese Social Networks, the already as the henchmen of their respective authoritarian governments have to be considered. Capitalism has holes, traditionally problems with ass – but if their Actions diminish the market value, then the pressure is increased massively. Unfortunately, this economic pressure does not follow automatically a socially useful solution of the problems, which is why the policy is needed. But, alas.

The digital esoteric misregulation machine

The European and German policy, so far only a few meaningful perspectives on the digital sphere can develop. The principle of platform with economic and social consequences was politically imbued. Tech-nationalism is not only acceptable, but often desirable. And how, digital corporations right to regulate, is still unclear. Not good conditions to get to the social problems with social media politically in the handle.

judging by the quality of the political debate, then the discussion of Social Bots proved that the policy is threatening to develop to a MIS-regulation machine. Across parties, most of the political Statements to Social Bots were sheer digital esotericism: Unencumbered by technical problems will be presumed to know, on the basis of keywords. But faith mixed with gut feeling and is complemented by the trump solution classic “it’s all quite simple!!!”. Then powerful lay people call mouths, what might want to listen to the helpless laymen ears. In the worst case, a bad compromise for a non-functioning solution to a non-existent problem comes out in the end. And then, a limit value for the heavy metal pollution in the Bridle of minors unicorns is hailed as a political breakthrough.

on the Basis of concrete Utterances of powerful figures is to be feared, that both anonymity and Pseudonymity in social media to be politically attacked, as well as the misunderstood Half-Problem of Social Bots law of consequences is likely to have. Although there are Social Bots, but the media was not effective, often under the effect exists. The digital esoteric misregulation machine will not rest, presumably, to German Bots lit up properly, with number signs as well as insurance plaque was allowed to botting. I wish it were a joke.

And, unfortunately, it is not only the lack of Know-how, as in all democratic parties in Germany, in part, excellent Expertise is now available. You can prevail just too rare, because up to the present day in the highest decision-making levels of the German policy, the digital reality is regarded as something to be negotiated. Where it is believed that the measurable reality of their existence argue. I’m waiting for the day where politically required, it should – Black-and-White Thinking! – in the digital world is no longer Zero and One, we must, finally, also about the duty to grey as 0.5 think.

there is also without digital esotericism enormous need for action – because the policy remains the most important instance of for the urgently necessary, effective regulation of social media. More than ever, the influence of the Internet on societies around the world. Only this usually happens differently than I thought.

The wrong filter bubbles-question

Because regularly shatter previous, experts, widespread assumptions about the nature of the digital society. Warnings of the harmful effect of the “filter bubble”, for example, are ubiquitous and are parroting by private individuals, the media and politics.

The concept originates from a book from 2011, but in the meantime, the concept and the debate to the Absurd into independent and “Algorithms” as the reason for the ills of the digital society, because: the filter bubble. Will geraunt with a menacing undertone, “you will see only the own opinion”. Anyone who says that is either perception, savers or not in social media.

to Me is not a social Medium, that too little controversy brings in the normal, politically-interested use . On the contrary, it has become difficult to make even remotely politically understandable Statements, to harvest without fierce opposition. It is hard, that huge people are said to have spent amounts in the year 2018 in a harmonic Social Media environment.

although There is the phenomenon of the filter bubble, but it is more complex and ambiguous than is usually summoned, it must be understood, for example, as a protective space and productive space for Discussion. And at the same time, transported with the conventional warning of the filter bubble is the assumption that the confrontation with opposing opinions in social media will lead to a better, less polarized society. Somehow.

An American team of researchers has bubbles of this implicit Conviction of the Filter admonisher puts a severe damper on. In August 2018, they published a study according to which the polarization seems to significantly increase when one is exposed to in social media opposing opinions. In the case of Conservatives and Right, the effect seems to be stronger than in the case of Left-wing and liberal. Where the adoption of a fruitful debate on the political camp, in social media, she is the exception. To bring the filter bubble to Burst! That sounds like a great solution to the problems with social media – but magical Thinking is ultimately off-the-Social-Media-reality.

And so we slipped into the year 2019, social media will dominate the digital Public sphere. Many of the beautiful, every day tangible Social-Media-Islands in a sea of Dysfunction, manipulation, and non-stand beauty.

Sam Yoon has many years of experiences in journalism. He has covered such areas as information technology, science, sports and politics. Yoon can be reached at 82-2-6956-6698.