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Robert Habeck is no longer at Twitter, present. And the majority of users will react to this decision, exactly how the Medium itself has directed its users in the meantime – it’s fast, short, sardonically, mockingly. An impressive Illustration of all the good reasons to leave the Tweet.

What always like to go to a political opponent of the Green first through the head, it can be read on Twitter. He leaves “the field to the Right,” he pinches at the first of the “balmy breeze”, he is overwhelmed by the speed of digital communication – and the future -.

Robert Habeck would be busy, would he to all Levy individually, in the coming weeks. Instead, he explained in a conversation with the traditionally slow “time” in the all-round shock, self-critical, to be lured by Twitter for “aggressive and Spitzer communication”. He has seen his own Video for the campaign in Thuringia and wants to be scared in front of himself. Like Narcissus, the more like yourself when you look in the pond itself.

His success as a politician is, to a large extent, to the fact that he seeks a “real Talk”. Not the carefully packaged die, to the announcement with a built-in Airbag. Habeck is a very romantic way to authenticity. He wants to get smart about how he sees himself.

Elitist self-reflection Cabinet

This ostentatiously Unprotected works on party days, in talk shows or in direct conversation. In the maze of echo chambers of social networks, it is doomed to Failure. It is not possible, from people who understand a wrong want to be properly understood. And even more sobering, from such people in the dissemination of questionable bullshit catch.

His decision not to send on certain channels, may be rated as a Failure – even by Habeck. His story goes like this: The human being reflected in his human weakness, and return as much autonomy needs to be, the algorithm of the back. As a Signal to voters of the Greens, to give it a try with deceleration, “digital detox” and more mindfulness, it is only logical and not at all clumsy.

Christian Lindner, similar to the young, vain, and “authentic” as Habeck, has declared on Twitter his whereabouts on Twitter, he regarded it as his “obligation as a democratically elected member of Parliament” to go, “where the people are, where they gather”. As members would be elected already with Likes or Retweets into the office.

If “the people” in mass are ever somewhere and spread, not in the elitist self-reflection Cabinet of Twitter but in Facebook, the actual “field” busier micro-journalist and conspiracy theorist, the left to the Right “could”. If anything is being debated in the Digital, and it was ever so dull or rough, then here.

Sporty joy of communicative coarsening

Here, as there, by the way, the bubbles of the insulating Filter, and self-affirmation milieus in our society disintegrates, allegedly, not a speech. The logic of the network, the networking, the Problem of bubble transparency. Who is not, in my opinion, squats are not off in his own trench – but me directly in front of the nose. The polarizing permanent stress resulting from the ongoing visibility of the opponent, this should not be a political debate confused. He can, unlike the real debate, nothing Prosperous.

what is Interesting about the outrage, the outrage over the outrage and the debate about the ideology behind it, Twitter and other social networks as key places to consider, political opinion determination. What, therefore, only the one a good politician can be no rhetorical brawl out of the way and a sporting delight in the communicative brutalization and Infantilization.

Qualified it a modern politician, to endure or to run active? To rush constantly and feel at the same time, rushed? These are the virtues that we need? Then Donald Trump would be a modern politician.

Now, Robert Habeck, of necessity, has concluded a bet on the fact that a policy can’t do that, even if this page exists. This Venture is to his credit.

Sam Yoon has many years of experiences in journalism. He has covered such areas as information technology, science, sports and politics. Yoon can be reached at 82-2-6956-6698.