the word of The year 2018 is Hot . This is a decision a Jury of the society for German language (GfdS) in Wiesbaden, Germany. It not only explores an extreme summer, which lasted felt from April to November.

Also indicated one of the most serious global phenomena of the early 21st century. Century, climate change. Not least of all, Hot is an interesting word-formation. With the sound analogy to ice age is the expression to get beyond the mere meaning of “period in which it is hot” , an epochal Dimension, and references may be to a changing climate period, so the Jury in their justification.

The risk of a global “hot time” were summoned to climate researchers in August in the journal “Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences” up – even if the Paris climate agreement will be adhered to. Other experts considered, however, in turn, the “hot time”-debate is “overheated”. A dispute, which was fuelled by the high summer temperatures in addition.

On the radio hole Republic landed “”- at the latest since the last Bundestag election campaign, the poor mobile coverage in rural areas was to be deported is a political issue, as well as the ” anchor centers “, in which according to the plans of the Grand coalition refugees should be placed until they are distributed in the municipalities, or following the rejection of their asylum application in their country of origin.

The complete Top Ten

1. Hot-time 2. Radio hole Republic 3. Anchor centers 4. We are more 5. criminal citations 6. Care robot 7. Diesel Driving Ban 8. Trade war 9. Brexit-Chaos 10. the mother of all problems

The society for German language (GfdS) selects since 1977, regular words and phrases, which have determined the political, economic and social life of a year in a special way. The Jury is composed of the main Board of the company, as well as the scientific employees.

the words of The year 2008-2018 financial crisis

The world economic crisis reflected in the choice of the word in the year 2008.


the word of The year 2009, to be referred to colloquially as a controversial bill, which should support the ailing car industry.

enfant terrible

at the Time, he appeared for the first time, and decided to stay: the word of The year 2010

stress test

banks, nuclear power plants, the Stuttgart 21 have been tested for heart and kidney: the word of The year 2011

rescue routine

should describe the word of The year 2012, that the rescue packages for banks or EU neighbors were laced.

Grand coalition

could Have been a candidate for 2017, but already word of the year 2013.

light border

the word of The year 2014 refers to a light installation to celebrate the 25 years fall of the wall anniversary.


In the year of 2015, many Refugees came to Germany, was also discussed in the pejorative suffix “-linge”.

post, in fact,

Donald Trump embodies the concept of a of the year 2016: emotions instead of facts.


the word of The year in 2017, summarizes the Failure of the negotiations to a black-and-yellow-green coalition.

a Hot

the word of The year 2018 on the one hand the temperature records of the summer, but also to climate change.

in 2017, had been elected the term “Jamaican” to the “word of the year”. In the years before the post were put out of the “de facto” and “refugees”, which dominates the public discussion and the year significantly influenced.


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