But this is disturbing Aiwanger probably little. Because the Green as the big winner of the Bayern-choice – so it looks at least so far – because of the Free voters in the formation of the government with the CSU probably not.

in Bavaria, the Prime Minister, Markus Söder called the Free voters once “free beer party”, for AfD leader Alexander Gauland is a “strong conservative competition.” But what the Free voters are actually, and where there might be problems with the CSU?

the Free voters

1. Migration policy: there is a lot of Similarities with the program of the CSU. The Free voters argue for a strict application of the right to asylum and distance themselves from the SPD-propagated “lane change”. In other words: Who has no right to stay must leave, therefore, the country – and can remain in good Integration only in “justified individual cases”.

2. Internal security: According to the party leader Aiwanger the nationwide of the controversial police duties law, which grants the security authorities far-reaching rights than in other Federal States, for example, “in the right direction”. And thus they are the only party in Bavaria, the do not want to tilt the CSU wanted the law. Not even the AfD supports it.

3. Family policy: free care in day-care centres, for example, one of the main demands in the election campaign.

4. Home policy: The party of Aiwanger, who is also the Federal Chairman of the Free voters, wants to promote dialects, specifically, reinforced in schools, teaching and tradition to promote. Here, too, there are large intersections with the CSU.

In the FOCUS Online “Blooming nonsense.” Theo Waigel buttons after election setback in Bavaria, CSU-sizes in front of The the red lines of a coalition with the CSU

A coalition of the CSU with the Free movement of voters seems more likely at the moment as a with the Green. Aiwanger calls for up to five ministries. Yet a self-runner, the coalition is not about that. Mainly for the following reasons:

1. Aiwanger calls for “fair treatment” of CSU: shortly after the first projections of the Free-voters-Chef made it clear that he was going to give Söder, the coalition in no way to its conditions. In the “Munich round” in the Bavarian broadcasting Aiwanger said he expects the CSU is a “fair dealing” in the coalition negotiations, “or else I leave”. Specifically, he called the energy transition, the “must be on the track”, as well as the topic of Ecology and land use.

2. No to the runway expansion at Munich airport: even before the election Aiwanger has made the no to a third runway at Munich airport, to the condition of a coalition with the CSU. Another “growth spurt” meant for Munich, the bursts now “at the seams”, only to further negative impacts, such as the rental explosion, and traffic stress.

poll: Whose Position as a party leader is weakened by the outcome of the state election in Bavaria, in their opinion, most clearly?


3. No coalition without the abolition of child-care fees: the elimination of kindergarten fees make the Free voters to the coalition condition. Because of a dispute with the CSU is in the offing, the rejects, because they want no “Berlin situation”, as Söder occurs last during his election campaign in Ingolstadt warned.

4. CSU aims to stop the “megalomaniac project”: Some CSU projects such as Söders space program “Bavaria-One” want to stop the Free voters. Aiwanger calls this “megalomaniac project” and resistance, announced negotiations to form a coalition under the slogan "midwives instead of space".

5. Energy policy: The Free movement of voters reject the planned huge power lines from Northern Germany to Bavaria. The party also wants to reduce electricity prices in Bavaria in Bavaria, the highest.

Born out of dissatisfaction with the CSU and the Free voters in Bavaria

The Free voters do not count in addition to the AfD and the Greens, only to the three parties in Bavaria have been able to attract many former CSU-voters. Without the CSU, the party in Bavaria, would never have become what it is today. The crucial with the inlet of the Aiwanger squad, representing primarily the civil interests of the country received, as of 2007, more and more conservative CSU-voters from the reform zeal of the then CSU leaders and Minister-President Edmund Stoiber turned away. Here, the policy-Newsletter

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Conservative competition for CSU: So strong, the FW are now in Bayern

With all of the claims, the Aiwanger set up, you must be careful not to the CSU that they will strengthen the Free voters by a coalition government. Aiwanger will use every opportunity to put the CSU in the Places under pressure, in which the Christian encounter social supposedly conservative enough. This could cost the CSU in the long term, more and more voters.

in Addition, the influence of the Free voters are represented in Bavaria is the only state now in the third term in the Parliament, now at the municipal level. Of the approximately 2000 citizens overcome the Free voters, about 800 – nearly a third of all Bavarian village heads. Of the 71 rural councils make at least 15.

And also in this point are not able to compete in the Green, despite the significantly better performance in the state election with the voters Free.

In the FOCUS Online/Wochit party researchers, doom explains the full strategy-error of the Bavarian SPD state election in Bavaria, the CSU FDP coalition, conditions, and Hubert Aiwanger

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