Softbank has set up a virtual shop at Naver Z’s metaverse platform Zepeto. Photo courtesy of Naver Z

More global corporations tap into metaverse

South Korean internet company Naver Z announced on June 18 that Japanese telecom operator SoftBank had established a virtual shop at Naver Z’s metaverse platform called Zepeto.

Naver Z said that SoftBank set up a digital service center for customers, who are required to use their avatars to visit there.

SoftBank follows suit of other global corporations, including Starbucks, Nike, Hyundai Motor, and Samsung Electronics. They also built their presence there.

In addition, K-pop stars like BlackPink held virtual events on the Zepeto platform, which attracted more than 300 million subscribers over the past four years.

It is a global platform as less than 10 percent of them are Korean users.

SoftBank was expected to launch its shop at Zepeto as it has a 17.6 percent stake in Naver N, which raised 220 billion won ($190 million) late last year.

SoftBank was the biggest investor.

“Zepeto is the right platform to meet the demands of the young-generation customers,” Naver Z senior official Kim Hui-bin said. “We will improve our services to offer more experiences, connecting online and offline.”

Observers said that metaverse is the next big thing to come.

“More and more corporations will tap into the metaverse platforms as so many people flock there,” Sookmyung Women’s University Prof. Seo Yong-gu said.

“A few metaverse platforms would become mainstreams just like the online commerce business. The rivalry would be very stiff to join them.”

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