Ten tables, ten families. Parents and children places of discussion about fruit: what part of the earth, the banana comes from? And where do Radishes grow? Cooperation is asked for. On a character you have to sprint together a world map and pin the cards with the fruits on the corresponding continents.

“The children is something a lot of fun and the adults get carried away,” says Helga beautiful forest from the praepaed Institute for preventive education. She introduces the project “FuN – family and neighborhood” on the fit4future Congress in 2018 and make it to their listeners so much enthusiasm, that the program gets awarded at the end of a large majority of this year’s Award.

FuN reached also formation of unusual families

there are “FuN” for almost 20 years – but the project is still innovative, because it starts where many other programs fail to do: It is also reached by unusual families. And about the daycare center, where children from different backgrounds together. “The educator aimed at the parents and invite them,” explains beautiful forest. Twelve families, ten would come in normally for the first appointment, nine of them remain in the bar.

This is remarkable, because a total of eight program needs some time to be invested in afternoons with three hours. And what the parents can expect, you know, first of all, There are various games for an hour “parent time” in which the children separately to be employed and a joint dinner for the participants the absolute Highlight. Each family cooks once and for all, get a Budget and is supported by the Teamers. “You know quite a lot of praise and recognition – and the children are incredibly proud of your parents, if it all tastes,” says the teacher.

On the common food and fathers can entice

more importantly, this experience, however, is for the mother, who noted: I manage to cook a great meal for a large group and that my child has been through it. On the common meal, many fathers were, at least to the end of the event, because in two-thirds of the cases, family means”,” here is a mother with one or more children. Sometimes the grandma or the Teenage daughter.

In the case of “FuN” is Central, that parents should be strengthened in their competencies. “We don’t go with a negative image ran, according to the Motto ‘create anyway’, but with a positive view on what you do already,” says Schonwald. The can also be small details that are for other families, of course: for example, that the kids get to bed on time or on a regular basis in the nursery.

60 minutes allows the parents to each other

talk At the Games at the family afternoon it’s about a family edited at a table together, a task and all of the children participate. If the son runs away from the table and the mother manages to get him back and to motivate you to continue playing, the team leaders: “The teacher whispers to her: ‘great, how you have been getting, Mrs Özdemir!’ And she is flourishing,“ says the course Director.

The most important thing was for most of the participants in the so-called “parents time”: 60 minutes, can talk to all of the parents to each other in peace. The entrepreneurs engage in the process, and do not give advice. A mother complains that her son does not want to eat fruit, give them to another family and ask: “Ms. Müller, you had to do with her daughters also to do with it?”

the problems of The parents in the community from

to talk With other adults, to open up and find that all cook only with water and similar problems, is for many a very important. If two or three mothers to find together, living in the neighborhood, and then start to meet in private, had achieved a lot: “problems for parents, if you are involved in a community,” says Schonwald. This noticeable effect will make the program even after the eight afternoons a sustainable, effective project.

health initiative “fit4future”

“parents(communication) as the key to a successful health promotion” is the focus of the sixth fit4future Congress “children. Healthy. Grow up.” Melanie Huml, Bavarian Minister of state for health and care, has taken on the patronage.

As a strong Partner to vouch for the high quality: The DAK-health, the Cleven Foundation, which would like to influence with their Initiative, the living habits of primary and special school children a positive, sustainable impact, as well as the platform nutrition and movement e. V. (peb).

each of The involved two-to three-Teamer are formed at different locations in a four-day training in a practical way. The Initiative for this must come from the Teams of the educational institutions. Project Manager Bernd Brixius told FOCUS Online: “The biggest cost for FuN cost of the Qualification. In addition, the cost of materials, and the common food.“ The Finance are very different and would be part of project funding, and in part out of public funds.

educators need to in an unfamiliar role

hatch, The family program “FuN” is being implemented at many institutions, almost the entire Federal territory, with a focus on regions in and around cooperative facilities in Dusseldorf, Aachen, Wiesbaden, Freiburg, Germany, Hamm, Hannover, Osnabrück, Berlin, Hagen and Recklinghausen. “Basically, our Institute has the desire to be a nationwide offer,” says Brixen.

For the educator, the training was declared is often a real challenge, how beautiful forest to the fit4future Congress. Because you have to assume a different role, are not allowed to take away the parents responsibility. Little Anna climbs on the piano, you need to point out to the mother and ask to respond. For educators unfamiliar.

academics, parents enjoy the family-afternoons

beautiful forest, which has previously carried out self-courses and new entrepreneurs qualified, is convinced that this is worth the effort – and not just for “problem families”: You should have been aware of are also always two or three families that do it very well. “They all say at the end of it: It is a gift that we have these three hours of each other,” stresses the teacher. The feeling to be in a game fall to be allowed, and supported, to enjoy academics, parents. Because to pay attention to each other and to work together on something comes, unfortunately, in many families.

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