in order To Diesel-driving to avoid bans in the future, will be the cars clean. Reach the Federal government wants to launch this in several Ways: Some older Diesel, especially buses and commercial vehicles with new emission control systems pollute less. Because the private car is used, but makes little sense, and converted cars are still just the outdated Euro 5 emission standard, should, if possible, to exchange many of the drivers of your old Diesel against a low-emission new or young Used. Details of the bonuses you can find here .

Not all manufacturers give premiums more

But apparently all the manufacturers do not give the promised rewards to the customers. The trade magazine “Automobilwoche reported,” and refers to data collected by the new platform . “Several thousand Euro by the customers”, so the “automotive week”. As a Negative example, the data experts, including the brands Seat, Ford, Audi, Hyundai and Renault lead to:

Seat: “Who will bring any Diesel to be scrapped, on the Seat Leon is currently 3675 Euro discount. For diesel owners the discount office premium should therefore be at 8673 Euro, there are but only 5569 Euro – a gap of 3104 euros,” writes the magazine. The Van Alhambra, the gap amounts to even 5315 Euro.Ford: it’s The Golf opponents Focus the discount gap is, according to the data 2118, the Euro, the Minivan S-Max, there were 2853 Euro.Audi: Ingolstadt more ranged for the A6 and the Q7 well 1700 less discount to customers.Hyundai: Here are the i20 3167 Euro.Renault: The family van Scénic to get customers 3369 Euro less than it would actually be.VW and Skoda the best discounts

As positive examples of the “auto leads provide mobile week”, the brands VW and Skoda. “Particularly strong impact when Golf that is sold in the base equipment currently with 52 percent discount. Of 9379 Euro discount 5000 euros is attributable to the environmental bonus”, the “automotive week”. BMW and Mercedes are no data yet available to assess the actual discount level.

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