Soram Hospital of Korean Medicine in Seoul/Courtesy of Soram Hospital of Korean Medicine

Korean clinic uses Western-Korean therapies to deal with cancer

Soram Hospital of Korean Medicine opened a cancer treatment center for women early this month, which is aimed at offering dedicated immunotherapy for female patients.

Immunotherapy helps patients’ immune system fight nature’s most feared killer-cancer. The method is designed to increase immunogenicity of patients and effectively reduce their pain.

The nine-story building officially named “Female Immuno Center” accommodates various facilities to better take care of cancer patients including a lounge for visitors and a library on the ground floor and a botanical garden on the ninth floor.

The Seoul-based clinic comes up with both traditional Western therapy and Korean medicine therapy to grapple with cancers.

For example, Soram Hospital adopts oncothermia, a supportive, complementary treatment method against various types of tumors. Plus, six medical staff take care of each patient. 

In time with the opening of the Soram center, Andras Szasz, who developed the new treatment method, visited Korea to give a lecture.

Patients who got treatment at Soram have presented positive responses.

On the med website, I read about one cancer center in Korea – Soram. The article said that the oncologists in the clinic, with the help of new drugs, seek a natural death of cancer cells,” a patient suffering from a lump in his kidney noted at the website of Soram.

It really cheered me up … Being treated for there three months, and the doctor recently showed me the latest test results. They are normal, and it is on the mend,”

Another patient, who had breast cancer, thanked Soram for her successful treatment. She was supposed to remove her right breast but could deal with the disease without losing her breast.

Thank you to the doctors in the hospital, Soram, for the successful treatment of breast cancer,” she said at the Soram website.