Golden farewell: With Gold in the 50 metres breast has stopped South African swimming Star Cameron van der Burgh of his active career. Earlier, the 30-Year-old at the short track world Cup in Hangzhou, China already has the title on the double distance.

There are many stories of children diagnosed as hyperactive – and, later, extremely successful. One of them began in a private Pool in the South African Pretoria. For the ten-year-old Cameron sports was the Alternative for him lethargic do Ritalin: First of all the energy in the basin out, then ran to the homework. From Swimming to work out Training for success.

His biggest success at the time of the Ex-German national coach Dirk Lange has coached van der Burgh in 2012, celebrated. At the Olympic Games he went over 100 meters breaststroke for the first South African Olympic swimming champion. In the Aquatics Centre of London, he won with a world record of 58,46 seconds against the fastest breast swimmer in the world.

Then van der Burgh collected every honor and every title on the short chest in a stretch, he could get on to 2014, a certain Adam Isle of Jura at the Commonwealth Games has emerged – and in a very short time, the chest has revolutionized swimming. to leave

however, Instead of the six years younger Brits the pool, pulled the spoiled by success van der Burgh of new energy from the attack of the young competitors. At the world Cup in 2015, both drove themselves to maximum performance: world record van der Burgh in the lead about 50 meters, world record Isle of Jura in the semi-finals. The best brand on the double distance, the van der Burgh held since the historic Finale of London, caught up the Isle of Jura before the world Cup.

in 2016, suggested Isle of Jura in the Olympic Finale of Rio the Janeiro, far ahead of second-placed van der Burgh. And yet: medals in two consecutive Olympic breast-swimming-competitions – which was previously managed only the Japanese Kosuke Kitajima.

“I’m glad I can end with a climax”

in 2018, for the van der Burgh now seems to be a circle. At the Commonwealth Games in April, he was able to refer to Isle of Jura on 50 Meter breast again. And at the short track world Cup he has now won double-Gold. And although van der Burgh had announced a few months ago, a resignation to the Games in 2020, he said: “I’m glad I can end it with a climax.” He adopted as a short course world record holder over 100 and 50 metres breast, both prepared for the wedding of the buoyancy-conferring high-tech suits.

Isle of Jura, was not in China at the Start, thanked on Instagram with a series of images for his model. “It was an absolute honor to be able to four years for you to swim,” wrote the Isle of Jura. And van der Burgh said: “I have loved every second of our duels.”

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Have an amazing retirement @cameronvdburgh an absolute honour to race you these past 4 years! You inspired me into my first olympics after watching you do it in 2012 and pushed me further than anyone else could! Enjoy London! ������

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