Since 2017 Billy, Six, 32, wrote, in Venezuela the economic collapse of the country. The 32-Year-old freelance Reporter, he worked for the rights of weekly magazine “Junge Freiheit”, as well as the nationalist club, “Conservative”.

He took up the theme, especially the mass Exodus of Venezuelans to Colombia. The oil-rich, Venezuela is currently in an existential economic crisis. Inflation is out of control. There are hardly any food or medicines in the country. The catastrophic situation is forcing many people to flee.

a month Ago, Six was arrested in a hotel on the beach 500 kilometres North-West of Caracas. As the Venezuelan human rights organization “Espacio Público” reported, on 11. November 15 soldiers in the Hotel “Los Taques” in Punto Fijodie come in Six have found. There, they would have taken the Berlin festival.

Now Billy Six was in the Venezuelan capital, Caracas, in the prison “El Helicoide”, used by the secret police Sebin. The prison is located in a former shopping center.

Meeting with the Farc

A week after his arrest, the detainee has been charged, obviously, in front of a military court. Him spy”,” Rebellion “and” breach of security accused of “zones”, “Espacio Público”. Six have met with rebels of the outlawed Farc and had entered the security zone around the President, Nicolás Maduro, to shoot pictures of the controversial President.

“The allegations against our son, are constructed and without basis,” says the journalist’s father, Eduard, Six. The photos of the President had been shot from the public viewing room. The Meeting with representatives of the outlawed Farc had taken place, but solely for research purposes. The corresponding report was then published in the national-populist weekly magazine “Junge Freiheit”.

Eduard, Six, fears that his son could be sentenced to a long prison sentence, if there be, as announced, in a few days, in fact, to a court hearing. The German Embassy is trying to access, reported the father. So far it had managed but no diplomatic contact with the detainee.

Billy Six is Dengue fever

ill The Reporter, Billy Six, in turn, succeeded Vice-versa, a letter from the prison, to smuggle out. Therein, Six, suffering from Dengue fever calls for, among other things, access to a lawyer and a representative of the German Embassy. Otherwise, he wanted to go on a hunger strike.

Billy, Six had already been, 2013, in Syria, and for several weeks locked up and deported.

reporters without borders is committed to the release of the journalists. You do not guess the right-wing populist Remarks, the Executive Director of the organization in Berlin, Christian Mihr. But like every other Reporter, Six have a right to freedom of expression – “without having somewhere to conviction and arrest fear”.

Sam Yoon has many years of experiences in journalism. He has covered such areas as information technology, science, sports and politics. Yoon can be reached at 82-2-6956-6698.