The U.S. Astronaut Nick Hague and his Russian colleague, Alexei Ovchinin landed unharmed in Kazakhstan, the Russian space Agency Roscosmos said on Twitter. Russian investigators announced a criminal investigation into the failed launches.

Ovchinin and Hague should encounter on the three-member crew on Board the ISS, where the German Astronaut Alexander Gerst is the first German and the second European to at all currently in command. To the Crew of Gerst, the US astronaut Serena Aunón-Chancellor and Russian cosmonaut Sergey Prokopyev. After the emergency landing-in-chief Yuri Borisov, has been suspended, according to Deputy government until further notice, all Soyuz launches.

"is a Problem with the engine, two minutes, 45 seconds"

The European space Agency ESA confirmed that the failed Start-up "influence" shall have the additional Mission Gersts, the schedule on 13. December, to earth shall return. The German Astronaut showed up on Twitter "glad" about the rescue of his two colleagues. "space travel is difficult. And we must continue to try, for the Benefit of mankind."

The rocket was launched at 10.40 am (CEST) from the space station Baikonur in Kazakhstan. Shortly thereafter, there was clearly problems. "Problem with the engine, two minutes, 45 seconds", was to hear the quiet voice of commander Ovchinin during the Live broadcast. "it was a short trip," he added calmly. It was the second Start of the 47-Year-old, who was already 2016 172 days in space.

did not respect safety rules?

"officials are currently investigating the launch site, documents were seized," said the Russian investigative Committee. A special Commission had been set up. The investigation is to clarify whether the construction of the rocket safety rules were disregarded.

During Start-up, &quot I have;a few seconds after the separation of the first stage," a Problem with the engine, it said in a comment to the live stream of the US space Agency Nasa. A photographer of the AFP news Agency said that the launch went well at first. "After the separation of the first stage, but we had the impression that there was a flash of light."

"Unusual" occurred

The Nasa commentator said later that the crew was after their emergency landing East of the Kazakh town of Scheskasgan in good shape. According to Roscosmos, the two spacemen were supplies of Kazakh rescue workers. They were then brought back to the Baikonur cosmodrome. Roscosmos published pictures of Hague and Ovchinin, how they were greeted on their return to Baikonur ease of family members.

Roscosmos said, "at the time of the launch" had occurred "unusual", the emergency systems had been activated. "The emergency rescue system worked," tweeted Roscosmos. Roscosmos chief Dmitry Rogozin said that the Situation was "dramatically", a "very much worse output" but can be prevented.

launches of Soyuz rockets temporarily

exposed to In the past few years, the Russian space program has suffered several setbacks. This includes the loss of the satellite, and the 2011 crash of an unmanned space Transporter type Progress M-12M on the way to the ISS.

even then, further launches of Soyuz rockets have been temporarily suspended. The last incident at the Start of a manned Soyuz spacecraft, however, is already 35 years old. Also at that time, the two cosmonauts survived unharmed.

the rocket malfunction. Astronauts on way to the ISS need to make an emergency landing in Kazakhstan

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