Citroen Berlingo

most new cars suffer from obesity with simultaneous narrowing of the interior. You climb through the door of a giant car, and finds himself in a kind of sitz bath. This Well effect offer almost all SUVs.

Fortunately, there are some really practical, spacious and variable cars, where the majority of space come on the occupants or their Luggage from cars such as the Citroen Berlingo (which is identical to Peugeot Rifter and Opel Combo ), which, in addition to areas thanks to the large Windows even neat look. It’s only rarely.
By Jürgen Pander

Kona electrics

Well, it’s all about! Korea can be. Small SUVs in the Trend, electric cars are sexy. So why not combine the two? This is exactly what has made the Hyundai with the Kona electrical . Earn respect the basic data. The larger battery (64 kWh) sticks in the ground, the car loose a whole Week’s work. Office, shopping, Sport, leisure, DIY 400 kilometers are loose in there.

the little Korean is qualified for the full-fledged first car in the household, professionally thought out and easy to use. Quite economical he is with a consumption of 15 kWh per 100 kilometres. Add to that a good amount of space and a lot of fun to drive. With 150 kW, the Kona electric has even more power than a BMW i3.
By Michael Specht

KTM 790 Duke

Perfect the KTM 790 Duke is not. Neither particularly comfortable, nor very practical: At low speed it judders violently on the chain. Better Designs, the manufacturer has delivered from Mattighofen.

But 105 HP from a slim number of two-cylinder, full electronics program and a terrific chassis – so brutal, but manageable Power that no other manufacturer in the motorcycle middle class has at the Start. The 790 Duke with their light 187 kilos of weight Cutting is a sharp weapon for the Asphalt. And since spring is my new benchmark for driving fun.
Jochen Vorfelder

Mercedes GLE

SUV’s are in the eyes of many dinosaurs that can’t even die out soon enough. But if it is to be a SUV, then please like the new Mercedes GLE . The car is spacious and infinitely luxurious, including air-conditioned Cup holder and heated consoles. And also pleasing digital. The GLE fascinated with his voice control of the operating system MB UX, and the huge screen landscape.

The highlight, however, is the eABC chassis. With the Mercedes controls on each wheel, the air suspension, so that the soil varies freedom to twelve inches. So the car is dancing on the spot and attract all the attention. But most of all he floats over bumps like a magic carpet, and lays down in the curves like a skier. A camera is supported by the predictive controller.

The result is a relaxed and literally a light driving feel, as you do not have the skill of such a large and heavy car.
Tom Grünweg

e. Go Live

Just do it. Professor Günther Schuh from RWTH Aachen University with the major Car manufacturers. He builds an electric car that is small, handy and affordable: the Go Live . So something is not managed the big car manufacturers today.

Shoe recipe for success: He understood the context in which E-cars are superior: in city traffic, when shopping or on the way to work. What it takes: An attractive Design, four seats, simple interior, real-world ranges of 100 to 160 kilometers and a price of 15,900 euros.

“If you want to go from Aachen to Stuttgart, then, not with the thing. Then, please – that would be my preference – the train,” says Shoe. Technical refinements, the e-Go-driver does not have to sacrifice: in the coming year, the E-car to Park autonomously. But with the electric mobility.
By Christian Frahm

Nissan Leaf

surprised That the Nissan Leaf a practical, everyday electric car, the second Generation of the car no more. A range of 415 kilometers in city traffic, 150 HP and a boot of 400 litres to make the electric car a true Alternative to the Golf, Astra and co. to the current range of the Leaf has stored now finally the froschige face and the deformed rear view and looks like a “normal” car – like the other Nissan models also.

So, he’s not a bläut all other, that the driver is an incredibly innovative, environmentally-friendly E-car drivers. This shift to more understated would be good for the next generations of the other cars. Emil Nefzger

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