The company writes on its website of a “whole new Level of Entertainment”. In order to generate a color joyful spectacle in the night sky, shot by the Japanese Start-up Ale (Astro Live Experience) a satellite into space – the first artificial shooting stars are to be produced.

The satellite entered its journey on Friday morning from the space station Uchinoura with a small Epsilon-4 missile, the Japanese space Agency, Jaxa, as their spokesman Nobuyoshi Fujimoto said. In the spring of 2020 the first man-made meteor shower is to go over to Hiroshima. Such a Show is also planned for the summer Olympic games 2020 in Tokyo.

Ale Boss Lena Okajima was thrilled by the successful launch into space: “Now the real work starts,” she told the Japanese news Agency Jiji Press.


In the interior of the satellites are 400 small balls – they are about an inch tall. The exact chemical composition of which the company keeps secret. The balls last for 20 to 30 colorful meteor shower and be ignited on the customer’s order. When it enters the atmosphere they burn up according to the Plan, in an amount of 60 to 80 kilometers. A luminous tail. Any artificial shooting Star light for several seconds, and in a variety of colors so bright that they should even be on cities such as Tokyo.

the project is according to Ale, but also to scientific knowledge and not just entertainment. Because the company wants to collect data on density, wind direction and the chemical composition of the upper atmosphere. In addition, it should be recognized, such as when entering the atmosphere, the trajectory of the bullets changed, writes the company, which was founded in 2011, on its website.

Ale wants to offer his services, however, not only over the sky of Japan, but around the world. For the middle of the year should be carried by another satellite in the Orbit. How expensive is artificial celestial spectacle for clients, left it open and Start-up.


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