This image shows a scene from Space Sweepers, a Korean space adventure that stayed atop the table on Netflix for five straight days after its debut. Photo courtesy of Netflix

Korean sci-fi blockbuster attracts global fans

Korea’s first big-budget space adventure, “Space Sweepers,” got off to a solid start by topping the global Netflix movie chart for five consecutive days, according to FlixPatrol.

The streaming analytics company showed that “Space Sweepers” debuted at No. 1 on Netflix on Feb. 6 and remained atop the list through Feb. 10.

The sci-fi blockbuster once ranked first at almost 30 countries, including France, Norway, Belgium, Bulgaria, Vietnam, and South Korea.

In the United States, the 136-minute film with a budget of around $22 million started at No. 7 on Feb. 6 and went up to No. 3 on Feb. 8 and Feb. 10.

But the movie’s ranking slid to second place on Feb. 11 and the fourth slot on Feb. 12.

Set in 2092, “Space Sweepers” is a story about four members collecting space junks like discarded satellites while aboard a spaceship called The Victory.

The Earth is almost destroyed by pollution. Rich people live in a new habitable facility in outer space with clean air.

The four members find a humanoid robot, which is warned as a weapon of mass destruction, to get involved in a risky business deal. Then, the quartet is eventually embroiled in fights, which prove to help save the Earth.

Directed by Jo Sung-hee of Korea, the movie stars the country’s first-tier actors such as Song Joong-ki and Kim Tae-ri.

Originally, the film was scheduled to hit cinemas last summer. But its big-screen release was delayed several times due to COVID-19.

Hence, its distributor decided to disclose “Space Sweepers” through Netflix.

Of note is that South Korean video contents have recently gained popularity on Netflix as demonstrated by The Uncanny Counter, an action-adventure fantasy, and Sweet Home, a thriller.

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