With the Chinese spacecraft “Chang’e 4” is for the first time, landed a man-made device on the back side of the moon. With the back side of the earth facing away from the half of the moon is meant.

From the earth is always the same half of the moon is visible because of the moon for a rotation needs to be themselves as long as it is for an orbit around the earth.

This so-called synchronous Rotation has been set in the early days of the solar system, because earth’s gravity is much stronger: First, the moon spun faster than it is today, but the earth’s gravity has slowed him down so far that its rotation is now determined completely by the earth.

Video DPA/ CNSA/ Xinhua

Until 1959, and people got an idea of the back side of the moon: The Soviet probe “Lunik 3” sent 29 pictures.

Nevertheless, the fantasized, the musicians of Pink Floyd in 1973 on their Album “The Dark Side of the Moon” continues to be of a “dark side of the moon”. But the sun shines on the moon during a month from all sides.

Only at full moon, the far side of the moon is completely in shadow, and his entire front side glows in the sun light.


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