The Spanish right wing party, Vox, is moved in the regional election in Andalusia for the first time to the Parliament. The xenophobic party of twelve of the 109 seats won at the election on Sunday after counting of almost all votes. More than expected: polls, the party had said no more than five seats in advance. Vox was founded in 2013 and is fighting against illegal immigration and the independence of Catalonia.

The social democratic (PSOE) to the Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez suffered a sharp decline and came down to 33 seats. The right-wing conservative people’s party (PP) is represented with 26 Seats in the regional Parliament, the left-wing Spanish protest Alliance Podemos Seats 17 and the liberal party Ciudadanos Sit with 21.

Purely mathematically, Vox together with the Conservatives and the center-Right party Ciudadanos a majority. Such a triple Alliance, there was never in Spain. The government party PSOE would not also, along with other left-wing parties a majority.

“The Andalusians have written history,” said the national Vox-party leader, Santiago Abascal on election night and spoke of a “Triumph”. The voters would have been disposed of in the southern Spanish Region of 36 years of socialist government. The French right populist Marine Le Pen congratulated on the short message service Twitter your “friends of Vox”.

the Chairman of The left party Podemos, Pablo Iglesias, called for a “anti-fascist warning”. All the left parties would have to mobilize to defend “freedom, social justice, fraternity, and, ultimately, the democracy”.

Andalusia, the population is a population of 8.4 million, most populous Region of Spain. Since 1982, the socialists govern continuously. The election was seen as a test of the government chief Sanchez. Important issues in the election campaign, unemployment, corruption and Migration. Spain counted so far of the few countries in the European Union, in the parliaments, no right-wing populists were sitting.

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