Actually, Marco Bülow was already twice just before the exit: in 1993, a year after he had received his party book, as the SPD agreed to the compromise on Asylum. Then, he says, “was I ever close to that,” in the summer of 2018, when the party leadership promised to once again reform. Now, after the Landtag elections in Hesse and Bavaria have led to the SPD no reversal of the trend, pulls back the Dortmund of the Bundestag, actually: He resigns from the SPD, is leaving after 16 years, his group, and sits henceforth as a single Deputy in the Parliament. As Frauke Petry and Mario Mieruch of the Blue turning. Bulow’s alienation from the SPD in the current form has been running longer, he is one of the prominent supporters of the non-party-collection movement of the left politician Sahra car Up servant. He himself has established from the SPD out of the Progressive Social platform that 5,000 people support, says Bülow.

on its Website, Bülow makes it clear that he and his SPD colleagues is not easy: “I’m not adjusted to, think cross and I need to be clear,” reads the first sentence of his self-description – a hidden accusation against all who remain in the party, even though the SPD, regardless of inner resistance, the Grand coalition has admitted, to renew instead of in Opposition. He uses the whole vocabulary of left-wing political sincerity: He embodies a “different style of politics,” writes Bülow. Non-group interests, but those of the people. “Attitude show when it is inconvenient.” He does so with some restraint in his home region, he feels obliged. In the Bundestag group of the Dortmund SPD voters sent him and voters always by direct mandate. “My boss the population,” writes Bülow.

The 47-Year-old conceal, not that he felt left in the parliamentary group and his party, often as opponents of the Grand coalition, in the struggle for a social policy, for affordable Rent, a lobby register. “I’m not through with my positions,” said Bülow.

conventions, and a debate camp

The SPD has earned the statutory minimum wage, Rent control and they want to abolish Hartz IV. But Bülow is not enough. From the looks of it, offer him more even the party left of the SPD are not a sufficient restraint. Anyone who listens to Bülow, recognizes He has a problem of Principle with his party. And thus, intra-party achieved compromises. Because the Grand coalition, the members have voted – for a more in-depth vote, there are not in a party. Bülow, on the other hand, his “personal credibility of the party”. It had become clear “that I need to bend”. Since only the outlet is then in fact.

Many of the points raised by Bülow, were heard in the last years of the SPD leaders. Already, Sigmar Gabriel, has organised congresses for programmatic renewal, Martin Schulz promised, after the disastrous Federal election, programmatic and personnel renewal, most recently Andrea invited Nahles with Olaf Scholz was interested in the so-called debate camp in a rustic Berlin brick building. However, with “fancy debate camps” do not be overcome of the crisis, says Bülow. His party was not able “to renew itself and to find a clear Position, and people to take” – the harder you can’t tell it from the party. Bülow has been the Mantra of the duration of the renewal of tired of it.

collection movement? No

Bülow complains that the party left and the Grand coalition-the opponents are not represented by the party: they sit on the Board, but in the group of tip, or in the ministries are not present. A Grand coalition to send Gegneron or a opponent in a Ministry, appears at first glance to be absurd. The Green managed this balancing act, as you were once in the temperate Green-Fundi Ludger Volmer to the Minister of state at the Federal foreign office. Volmer satisfied the coalition agreement with the SPD, he was but a Signal to the party of the left: you are important.

What Bülow doing now, he left it open. If he is involved more in Car Knecht’s collection of movement, is today not an issue, he said. Also the suspicion that he had offers from the left party or group, he did not deny it. In some Parts of his previous group in the Bundestag relief is apparent. When he saw who was pleased because now his departure will clear to him: “I have done nothing wrong.”

speech of the time, but no applause

And in the constituency, it seems to not look different: He was “different reactions,” says Bülow. There were also people who had asked him to continue. The understanding for its withdrawal do not share all of them. Difficult it is likely to be no later than 2021, if the SPD sets up a new constituency, a candidate or a candidate. Now Bülow do not know exactly how to take care of it as a non-Party in Dortmund, Germany, to the voters who brought him into the Bundestag. “This is the hardest Part.” Bülow has abandoned, from the looks of it, his Federal political career, because his party had asked of him and more willingness to compromise than he was ready to deliver.

However, an advantage of the outlet, he has identified already: There is group of colleagues who would not have received since the beginning of the term of office, a Minute’s speaking time in the Bundestag plenary. “As a group of losers, you get to speak.” Rarely though, but you have to share with anyone. But what is already evident in the case of Petry and Mieruch: You get no applause.

Kevin Chung studied literature in Seoul. He is interested in various areas. He can be reached at or 82-2-6956-6698.