Vice-Chancellor and Finance Minister, Olaf Scholz brings to the office of the Federal Chancellor in conversation. As he said in an Interview with the IMAGE, to trust it to the office. “The SPD wants to make the next Chancellor,” he said.

On the specific question of whether it is the office of the Federal Chancellor trust itself, he said: “Yes. Mrs. Kramp-Karrenbauer has just said that from a party Chairman, it is expected that you try the office. For a Vice-Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany, the Same applies. Neither the Union, nor for us, this question is today.”

In the SPD, it is usually the party Chairman to nominate either yourself or someone else as a candidate for Chancellor. The natural Chancellor candidate of the SPD would therefore be Andrea Nahles, unless it decides otherwise.

The failed candidate for Chancellor and former SPD chief Martin Schulz had recently proposed, to consult the party base, who should be the next top candidate of the social Democrats. Some viewed the proposal as a jab against Scholz, which is already longer for the candidacy in the conversation, but as unpopular in the party and always bad results at party once. A primary of the party presidency, for example, had rejected Scholz.

the new plans from within his own party, responded Scholz is now established and referred to his personal popularity ratings: “If you can’t trust polls, I count, finally, to the politicians with a high level of support for citizens and SPD supporters.” Therefore, he does not believe that a primary had the purpose to prevent him as a candidate.

Scholz had collected in the past few months, claims such as a stable pension level by 2040, or a minimum wage of twelve euros, which go far beyond the agreements in the coalition agreement or the specific government act.

He defended this as a necessary sharpening the Profile of the SPD: “it must be Exactly so even. The lesson of the last Large coalitions but It is not sufficient to govern well – that is what we have done in the past years. The SPD needs to develop its own longer-term prospects.” The Central political competition should take place in the future between the two national parties on the left and right of the center, the SPD and the CDU/CSU.

Twelve Euro, minimum wage, and a stable pension level up to 2040, to promise, according to Scholz choice of the SPD for the next Bundestag election campaign: “Safe, both for the future of Germany is important. Our political Thinking, however, extends far beyond the time of the Grand coalition.”

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