The tightening of migration policy is one of the key election campaign promise to Donald trump. Its the Democrats rejected billions in claims for the building of the Berlin wall on the border with Mexico has led recently to the longest government standstill of the US history. Today’s U.S. President must be the accusations, to have a former undocumented migrants, who employed the device often forgotten.

In a luxury Golf club, the “New York Times” reported in December, worked among the Guatemalan-born Victorina Morales for Trump. She was employed in 2013, with fake papers as a housekeeper. A democratic Congressman invited exactly those Victorina Morales to a special Event of the President: the address to the location of the Nation.

The Congresswoman Bonnie Watson Coleman confirmed that they have invited Morales. The speech, Trump was supposed to take place at the end of January, but because of the Shutdowns on the 5. February. In an Interview with the site “The Daily Caller” said Trump, he will be engaged in speech with the theme of “border protection”.

Trump had repeatedly sharp Verbaltattacken against illegal migrants of dangers that take away from his point of view, the US citizens work.


Morales had cleaned during their employment at the Golf club according to the bathroom of the Republican and made the bed. Morales and Diaz to describe Trump in the report as challenging, but friendly. Sometimes he gave 50 or even 100 Dollar tip.

To be informed the Golf club’s allegations, Trumps the group in December to deal with tens of thousands of people and settings of “very strict” standards. “If any employee has submitted false documents to circumvent the law, he will be dismissed immediately.”


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