A “big announcement” to the Shutdown and the border to Mexico it should be, but in the end, US President, Donald Trump of the Opposition, made only a few concessions. During a speech at the White, he quit the Democrats when protection from Deportation for young immigrants, at his claim, over $ 5.7 billion for the construction of a border wall, he, however, holds firmly.

“I’m here today to break the fall and to give the Congress a way to end the Shutdown and resolve the crisis along the southern border.” Trump had announced in September 2017, to end the so-called Daca program for the protection of illegal immigrant children and their parents within six months. Now he wished to give these migrants more protection.

the house of representatives refuses to compromise in advance from

However, Trumps compromise seems to be a non-starter and to let the negotiations continue to stagnate. Before his speech, the speaker of the house of representatives, Nancy Pelosi said that the offer was “unacceptable”, a “Non-Starter”. To get the necessary votes in the Senate was very unlikely.

trump’s speech would have been able to bring movement into the deadlocked budget dispute. According to the “New York Times” have also presented the Democrats with a compromise proposal. Pelosi announced that, with their majority in the house of representatives would adopt in the coming weeks a number of bills that would open the government again.

Therefore, you want to spend in the budget law for more than a billion dollars for border security, the money should not be used for the construction of a wall. The US President, however, remains adamant on the plans and justifies this with a protection against drug offences and rape. The designs have no Chance of success, especially since trump is the Republican in the Senate – the second chamber of the Congress have a majority.

For four weeks, parts of the government apparatus has not been stopped in the USA because it came because of a dispute in order to Trump the required wall on the border to Mexico in time for the adoption of a budget law. Trump refuses, a law to sign that contains no money for the wall. About 800,000 Federal employees are now either forced to leave or have to work without salary.


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