He wanted to enforce the speed limit is 30 on his doorstep. For a Cologne, Tischler took a lot, and The 36-Year-old made a camera dummy and was hoping for the insight of the drivers. The left, however. Instead, a car showed it to holder in April impersonating an officer.

in court, the defendant explained that he had assembled the mock-up on a Saturday afternoon in the year 2015, with its now nine-and eleven-year-old children. “My children were afraid to go across the street,” he said. “I thought to myself: I will be with my children but a lovely craft afternoon.”

Previously, he had contacted according to their own data several times to the city and the police and speed controls asked also because in the vicinity there is a Kindergarten, a school and a recreation area. “I wanted to call the people to the consciousness that here speed is limited to 30. My goal was not to it, acts to undermine,” said the defendant.

The competent Magistrate showed himself to be understanding. The behavior of the man awaken sympathy, but still remain a criminal offence, she said. Nevertheless, they decided to close the procedure without conditions – because the defendant did not apparently know that his act was forbidden and he wanted to harm anyone.


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