The Spice Girls to sell T-Shirts with the inscription “#IWannaBeASpiceGirl” (I want to be a Spice Girl) and on the back of “gender justice” (gender justice). Now, a Search of the British newspaper “The Guardian” that the T-Shirts are manufactured in Bangladesh, women, the equivalent of 35 Pence (0.40 Euro) the hour earn.

With the T-Shirts to, of all things, funds for gender-collected justice campaign of the British charity “Comic Relief”. The T-Shirts cost 19,40 pounds (about 22 euros). Of 11,60 pounds (about 13 Euro) to be donated to Comic Relief, in order to promote “equality for women”.

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The women who produce them, do not appear to have much of it: they were forced to work 16 hours a day and by managers as a “whore daughters” abused, if you have not achieved the high targets set.

Numerous celebrities were posing with T-Shirts, for example, the British Athlete Jessica Ennis-Hill.

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#Iwannabeaspicegirl ��

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A spokeswoman for the Band said it was “deeply shocked”, also Comic Relief that he is “shocked and concerned”. Both say they have the company “Represent” – the dealer who was commissioned by the Spice Girls – pre-ethical correctness checks. The provider have changed without the Knowledge of the Purchaser and the manufacturer. “Represent,” to carry the full responsibility.

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