What is the SPD? This question does not have, in the recent past, just a lot of voters, but also the social Democrats. The party is working on its renewal, but further slippage seems to be to stop in 2019. A frequent point of criticism: The party within the Grand coalition is not visible, set it to rarely own accents and from the border there is not enough of the Union.

A representative survey of Online opinion research Institute Civey for SPIEGEL ONLINE confirmed this impression. Accordingly, the respondents do not see competence more clearly in the SPD.

the FDP (digitalization) and the Green (environmental and climate policy) Are still clear core areas, where they depend on the other parties, stands out in the SPD in any field. It is remarkable that in the case of social policy. Here the social Democrats are still at rank one (21.9 percent), but only by a narrow margin in front of the Union (18,7) within the error range. ( note on methodology: unlike in the case of the Sunday question are also taken into account, and the details of non-voters. )

Even worse, it looks at two core themes of the SPD. As in the labour and social policy (Federal Minister Hubertus Heil) leads the party with Franziska Giffey also in terms of family policy of the Ministry. The population of the Union (23.1 percent) believed that more than the social Democrats (21).

competences in the European policy: the AfD and the SPD on a par

Particularly serious is the values on European policy. Only 13.2 percent of respondents see the greatest competence for the social Democrats. The SPD is behind the AfD (13,5), the toying exit with a German EU. Most are also suspicious of the Union. 34.1 percent of the respondents see the greatest competence in European policy for the CDU and the CSU.

In all categories, the values also arise from the fact that voters of a particular party to see the queried skills, particularly in their own ranks. And due to the large electorate of the CDU and the CSU that helps, especially the values of the Union. Nevertheless, it is remarkable that the social Democrats are not able to settle in its three core areas anyway. In Europe, politics is about self-Green voters think the Union is qualified as the SPD.

in Total, the CDU and the CSU will be attributed in all areas, apparently, a certain basic competence, in turn, also due to the fact that Union voters in the population are the most represented. Clear the front of the Union from the point of view of the respondents, in addition to the European policy in the economic policy, foreign policy, education policy, financial policy, and to create skills, jobs.

Union Sunday question

the results of the Sunday question for the Union is encouraging. Currently, it comes to 29.7 per cent and rising, compared to the beginning of December, by three percentage points. The second strongest force, the Green (18.2 per cent) remain for the time being.

The strong upward trend of the Green seems to be initially stopped. Already since the middle of December their value remains largely constant, before the party had lost within two weeks, more than two percentage points. The SPD (15.6 percent), continue to fight with the AfD (14,4) to rank three. While the Figures of the social Democrats have changed this year, it was hardly the AfD is a slight downward trend. This corresponds to the usual fluctuations of the past few months.

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